April 2018 – Trouble at Mill






Trouble at Mill

Hello Everyone

There are times when I wonder if we are some of the lost sheep that have gone astray. Changing the metaphor – some people would go as  far as to say we are well and truly on the wrong path – the dark side. I go further and wonder if some zealot has been trying to silence us in some manner.

This past month has been one of the most frustrating months of the last 10 years. We started the website in May of 2008 and although the site has been hacked on two occasions, it was a relatively simple procedure to put everything right.  The first time a porn site based in Turkey took over the whole site, the second time Russian script appeared on many of the files, but only seen when viewing the files in Administrator mode!  This time…..?

This time various things went wrong to both the charity site and my books site. I must have been a blessed nuisance to the web host administrator for as one thing was fixed another went awry.  The actual website content was not changed although access was denied from time to time and some emails went astray but the security programme kept informing me that someone had tried to enter unsuccessfully via the back door too many times and been locked out.  The IP address usually could be traced to Seattle in the USA but that is not to say it had been bounced from somewhere else.  It is also unlikely to have been a single person for  these notices are regular occurrences with addresses tracing back to China, USA, Russian and Europe.  We normally receive two or three a week, however in the space of 24 hours there were 73 Lockout notices!  Someone was seriously up to something.

Hopefully things are back to normal but if you notice anything strange to the site or about the Newsletter or emails then do please let me know. I also apologise if it seems I have ignored your communications last month.

And why? What did they hope to achieve?  I can only think they wanted to silence us, a zealot perhaps thinking he or she was doing God’s work?  There are always such people around who think they have that calling!

The usual up updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

By the time you read this Easter Sunday will no doubt have long gone so I shall miss out with the Easter ‘sermon’ this year.  However I hope you have a Good Easter and have a great month.