“Are Angels more active these days?”


Chinaman¦  Good evening my friends.

So H¦ you have a question for me about your concern of angels, how they are becoming more and more apparent within the New Age spirituality movement.  There are angel messages, angel therapy, angle music, angel cards and – may I dare say it – angel cake!

I think humour is a most difficult thing to translate from one country and time to another, but I do like to try.

Perhaps the question should be “Are angels more at work these days than they were before?”  So for a few moments, let us consider psychic and spiritual activity over the years.

Only a short time ago the focus was not on angels at all.  It was on shamanic power animals and how to get in touch with them, for they would guide you through the journey of Life, empowering you and protecting you.  But what was before that?

I think it was a fairly general time of Guides. You had a variation of guides like the Masters from on High or Avatars, but they were still guides of one kind of another.  There were guides from North America, guides from Tibet, guides from monastic movements – all Guides of a ‘spiritual’ appearance.  But go further back in time and what was it before Guides?

In the West, I believe there were many decades of Jesus telling people to do this or Jesus telling them to do that, and how to be a friend with Jesus.  And before that?

Well I suppose there were many different kinds of spiritual education and guidance.  There has always been interest in the Little People – Elementals – although there was little guidance from there.  There was more help when people tried to get in touch with gods and goddesses.  Think of the many religions were that has been the case.  And in my own time, it was to get in touch with ancestors.  You worshipped your ancestors, but they also guided you.  You spoke to them in your mind.  You had your shrine, and you appealed for their help in the name of your family. Surely they would have been motivated to help keep that family line pure and strong and wealthy.  In my own time, one of my own guides was, in fact, Tonata.  And I called him an ancestor!  Yet there was no ancestral line or genetic line there at all, even though there were other connections.

So what does all that tell us?  What does it instruct us about?  Does it say that different spiritual beings wait their turn, that there is a celestial queue, and that they each have a chance to encourage their followers or adherents at a particular time?  Of course not. That is nonsense.  But it does show that there are always people who are seeking help, help from spiritual beings of one kind of another.  And that help IS provided.  People say they are guided by Guides, or Jesus or animals or ancestors or angels.  And who are we to doubt them?

Yet when we look at the actual communication from most of these beings we see that wisdom is often rather lacking. There is a great element of self delusion and wishful thinking, and so often the answers that are given are because the people want those particular answers.  It confirms their own wisdom!  That is a major factor.

In all of this kind of communication imagination provides the energy, and together with the expectation already present, it provides the form that the communication will seem to take.  If people expect to speak to Jesus then they speak to Jesus.  If they expect to speak to Vishnu then they will speak to Vishnu.  If they expect angels to be there then angels will be there for them.

And throughout all of time there are people who make use of the gullibility of these others seeking enlightenment or help. You always find people making money or making use of others naivety.  And why not?  If they are that gullible then they deserve to be led astray for that is one way to learn!  Not a very pleasant way, I quite agree, but they do learn.  And there is always a priesthood of one kind or another, that makes use of such worship to bolster their own ego or own power base.  And that is even worse I think. Yet of course you have those who are sincere, those who actually seek to help others, a genuine desire.

All through the ages this has happened, and will continue in the future, so I wonder what form it will take next. Some other form of divination perhaps, variations on Rune sticks perhaps?  However, the expectation and development will follow exactly the same kind of route as has happened time and again, as fashion and something new dictates.

So back to angels, and no, they are not more active now than they were.  No.  But what are angels anyhow?  Do they exist?

It has been said that those who have passed on, like myself, who, after a time choose to come back to help, for whatever reason, could be those ‘angels’ of all the years ago to the present time.  I would love to think of myself as an angel!!  But of course I am not.  No, angels are not human beings who have gone on and returned.  It could be that they are no more than thought forms, in the same way that Divas and elementals can take on the mantle of a being with some kind of intelligence.  It depends upon the power of which it is formed.  For example during the war that you call the Great War, the war in Europe, there was an angle over certain battlefields such as Mons, that seemed to be a message, a message of hope, a symbol of higher things.  But it was nothing more than a thought form.  In the desperation of those young men of both sides, they poured out energy and expectation to the thought form.  Yet you notice that so many images of that Angel of Mons had wings, because that was the common expectation and teaching of the church of those times.  But as a symbol of hope?  Unfortunately it faded in that hellish place of darkness.

But there are beings who have never been incarnate, who are beings of light or energy, of other realms, that are best described or known as Angels.  And of these there are essentially two kinds, those who are concerned with the Earth and human kind and those who have only concern for the higher spiritual realms.

Of the first kind there are many, many of these beings, but they are rather rarely seen.  They have little need to get in touch with people except in the role of guidance, yet these angels have their own part to play in God’s scheme for there is a continual battle taking place between the forces of light and dark. And although you have this in the form of ‘Angels and Demons’, it is a very real thing and not a game at all in the spiritual realms. It is a very serious concern. And people are hurt, imprisoned, and destroyed, in this warfare.

There are hierarchies in the angels – leaders of areas of this earth or the incarnate level.  And, as seen in the astral levels, there are indeed four of the highest angels ‘archangels’ with their concern and their names coming down through tradition and inspiration and mystic communication.  You have Gabriel , a female who is concerned with Water and fecundity.  You have Michael, a male concerned with Fire, authority and the fight against evil.  And there are Uriel and Raphael; Raphael of Earth and healing and Uriel of Air and magic.

And of the second kind, there are other names that are the names of Cherubim and Seraphim, from the Jewish mystical tradition, who have no dealings with human kind but only of the higher spiritual realms.

So to return to your question – know that there is no more activity now than there has been all through eternity.  Most of what you hear and see about angels at this time are nothing to do with these beings at all.  That does not mean to say that some of that communication is very worthy and true – it is – but it is from other sources.  It has been built on expectation and imagination.

And beware, for of course you have your charlatans, your tricksters, and your false priesthood.

Does that answer that question?