Question:  “Are you an Angel?”


Chinaman…..There is much confusion as to whether a communicating entity is a deceased person, now disincarnate, or a being of a totally different kind, a being who has never been incarnate on Earth but has always dwelt in the spiritual realms.  Of course that does not mean that such a being would automatically be an angel.  There are many different types of citizens of those realms.

Martin:  I was wondering when you said we are all human whether…..

Chinaman:  You are not going to suggest!

Martin:  ….whether you experience yourself as human?

Chinaman:  I cannot think of a caustic reply sufficiently scathing to shrivel you on the spot Martin.  You think of yourself as truly human?  I think many people who are incarnate think of human beings as being like themselves and anyone who is different is sub human.  That is prejudice.  Derived differences require a physical body as part of being human.  If they are prejudicially true to form it even has to be, in your part of the world, a white body.  However it would never occur to someone living in these realms, yet living and being so far removed from the earth plane, to think of them other than human.  In their particular place of being they have within their experience a body!  They are on a different plane of existence – but still have a body – and so I understand myself as being fully human.  I am as human as you are human.

Remember I was saying on one occasion to this group that souls merge, join together.  Do you remember?  At that level, although they are still human, individuality is somehow changed.  A new being emerges – and at that level gender is of very little consequence.  Just thoughts for you to think over in your bathtubs – for they would still regard themselves as human!

Can I pull your leg and say you were expecting me to say “I am angelic”?

Martin:  I was hoping!

Chinaman:  It would be a lovely idea but I cannot claim such an honour.  It is a term that is of the earth plane having various meanings.  Some spiritual beings are deemed angels.  These beings have had no incarnation, are spiritual beings and have always been spiritual.  In your scriptures they are given names such as cherabim and seraphim, and even particualr names for the archangels such as Michael and Gabriel. Others of a more elemental nature have been deemed angels, demons, fairies and many other such things by incarnate people.  Even people who have been incarnate and gone on have been called all of these things and goodness knows what else.  Names are often misnomers.  I would suggest you do not think in terms of angels.  There has been too much misconception about such a phrase or name.

I am now angelic of course!  I do not say “off with his head” anymore as when I was incarnate and a magistrate!

Martin:  I hope I did not cause any offence by my questioning of status.

Chinaman:  I was not offended in any shape or form.  It was wondered whether I was ever actually human by many people during my incarnation.  People wondered, with far more reason behind their wondering, because of some of the apparently heartless decisions that I had to make.  From one extreme to the other – just because I am now in a different realm?

I say until next time – God Bless and God’s Peace be with you.



John’ s editorial comment –  New Testament  Letter to the Hebrews chapter 1 verse 14 “What are they all [angels] but ministrant spirits, sent out to serve, for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”