Astrology for Healers and Therapists – February 2019

Before I look at this month’s charts I must point out that the interpretation is mainly for therapists dealing with problematic situations. That is why I seem to emphasise the problem or negative side of life rather than the positive. Of course the charts indicate a general situation but the leaning must be for those clients or patients who are struggling in some way.

First do please note that the following is using the WESTERN FOUR ELEMENT system based in western magical and astrological understanding. The individual therapist must make the translation to the Eastern Five Element system that is usual in Shiatsu and Acupuncture theory. If you have forgotten the explanation about Elemental and Modal make up then do refresh your memory by looking back at the Introduction to Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I look at the charts for the Sundays in February when the Sun is nearing the mid heaven for that day. Obviously this is for Haye Mill, so you will have to accept the approximation for your own geographical position but the interpretation should not vary too much from this one. It is a way of following the general trends throughout the month. Notice there are 4 Sundays in this month once again.

Although last month began with little thought being shown it ended with bated breath as to what would come next. So onwards!

The week beginning the 3rd February

shows Jupiter now with a line of ease to the Sun and Mercury conjunction. Little else has changed although the Jupiter Venus conjunction has opened out somewhat. 

Cardinal 5 – Fixed 2 – Mutable 3

Fire 4 – Earth 3 – Air 2 – Water 1

Cardinal has gained a sign from Fixed and Earth has gained a sign from Water.

After the pregnant pause of last week things begin to move again, albeit a bit jerkily. Things are looking a bit more positive now. Sudden moves will be the order of the day.

Counsellors – The need to do something will be driving Clients forwards, even though it might appear that they are less inclined to act than last week. Don’t bet on it.

Healers – The elemental scene is biased towards Fire and Earth, which would suggest here a willingness to try anything that they think might help. Be careful what you prescribe, therefore.

The week beginning 10th February

The week beginning 10th February sees Mars and Uranus in a strong conjunction. Mercury has moved into Pisces and is no longer conjunct with the Sun. Venus has moved into Capricorn and is seemingly unaspected. There is a small trine formed by the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon at the weekend.

Cardinal 6 – Fixed 1 – Mutable 3

Fire 4 – Earth 3 – Air 1 – Water 2

Cardinal has gained yet another sign from Fixed whilst Air has lost a sign to Water.

There really doesn’t seem to be much thought going on this week but there is an ever growing need to take some kind of action. Things are going to happen fast when individuals take that plunge.

Counsellors – where is wisdom? You would do well to help Clients put the brakes on but you will have your work cut out to achieve much.

Healers – once again be careful what you say or do. Patients will hang on your every word. Of course the placebo effect will correspondingly be a strong feature.

The week beginning 17th February

The week beginning 17th February reveals Mars having moved into Taurus, yet still in a very strong conjunction with Uranus. Mercury is now conjunct with Neptune, and Pluto, Saturn and Venus have formed a bundle in Capricorn resulting in a very pronounced line of ease with Neptune and Mercury. Uranus and Mars are no longer challenging Saturn and Pluto.

Cardinal 5 – Fixed 2 – Mutable 3

Fire 2 – Earth 4 – Air 1 – Water 3

Cardinal has now lost a sign to Fixed whilst Fire has lost two signs, one to Earth and the other to Water.

If ever a time is likely for risks to be taken and pay off it is this week. Call it fate or destiny but it is not necessarily going to be of a karmic nature.

Counsellors – Still there is not much thought being shown but there is a strong reactive effect. Emotions always win over rationalisation, but this week it will be obvious to all. Do you best but don’t expect any miracles.

Healers – With Earth now dominant and Fire rapidly dropping away, there looks to be too much Stomach and Spleen energies.

The week beginning 24th February

The last week of the month beginning 24th February sees the Sun moved into Pisces. The Mars Uranus conjunction has dissipated and Uranus has once again a line of challenge to Pluto. Saturn is beginning to move out of the bundle but Venus has overtaken Pluto. Mercury and Neptune are moving apart.

Cardinal 4 – Fixed 2 – Mutable 4

Fire 2 – Earth 4 – Air 0 – Water 4

Cardinal has lost another sign but to Mutable this time, and Air has lost its only sign to Water.

It looks as if emotions will dictate individuals repairing bridges and compromising, but still without that reflection or thought. This could well produce some tears later on.

Counsellors – It will be like getting blood out of a stone this week for Clients will be showing willing and yet not understanding their motivation. If anything they will dig their collective heels in and be in denial if you push too hard.

Healers – the lack of Air could well produce problems for the Heart Constrictor and Triple Heater meridians but there is no eastern equivalent for Air in the five element system. Certainly lung related issues should be looked at.

No rest for the wicked.