“Can Anyone Astral Travel?”


Tonata……. A question which has been raised some time ago was whether everyone could astral travel.  So to answer that simply I say “yes”.


But the vast majority of people do not do so.


So from that simple answer I do need to expand and explain.


Walking is not considered a gift. Sleeping is not considered a gift. Both are things that everybody does to some degree or other. Some people sleep well, others are greatly disturbed, but there are ways of encouraging a better sleep. Some people love to walk and so walk for miles, others their posture is so bad or they are not healthy so to walk is a struggle and discomfort. This is the same with regards to astral travel. It is not really a gift but there are ways and means to encourage it, make use of it, or just simply ignore it.

Most of the stories concerning spontaneous astral travel are from people who are close to death or suffering trauma, those on the operating table or those who are seriously ill, those who are in an accident of some kind. In those very abnormal situations they are likely to find a dissociation of body and awareness, so they float. They see themselves as they see others and they cannot comprehend it. They believe they are dead, but then they awaken as they are drawn back to their bodies. They have travelled astrally.

They did not have to be psychic to do that. They just had to be in an abnormal state of being to trigger the phenomena.

Sometimes this happens with a lesser degree of trauma and more because of an altered state of being through drugs or mental illness. Dissociation occurs, but as they are confused in the first place they think of it as a trip – I think you call it.

With forethought, preparation through fasting and meditation, there is an increase of expectation or heightened awareness that loosens the bonds of the what I would call the ‘Ka’ of the body, so it is easier to dissociate and move out of the body. The esoteric schools of the past might even have used some drug or diet in this process. Certainly ritual, personal preparation and then group participation would have been employed. Also by using subtle energies, or energies spots and energy flows, the person who is to travel is in such a heightened energetic state they can easily travel astrally.

Training, as for anything else, can enhance this natural ability that everyone has to some degree or other. But when there are no training programmes, when there are no altered states of being, no trauma, no accidents, still astral travel can happen spontaneously. When a person dreams they may find that they are floating, travelling somewhere. That is not to say every dream is a travel experience. It isn’t. It is only in the minority of dreams, but it does happen. However people who do not know what it is that is happening ‘just put it down to a dream’.

So how can a person consciously leave their body and travel?

There are various techniques but the two most common are these.

The first one is to lie down and prepare yourself, and then look with the inner eyes (close the physical eyes of course!) look above the head 45 degrees or so and push your being out in that direction. Usually there are vibrations or fluctuations behind the eye lids, a throbbing or a noise. Then the tension builds up and suddenly relaxes. That is the moment when the spirit may leave the body, the Ka leaves the physical. The temptation is to open the eyes at that point but if you do that there will be a moment of considerable confusion. There will be a sudden rejoining, which may leave the person disorientated or feeling sick with a headache. Rather, at that moment of separation, the eyes should be kept closed and with the Will float further away. Only then, with gradually imagined eyes being opened, to see far below with your mental eyes, your Ka eyes, and not the physical body, actually see.

The other common practice is simply to relax to the point where the body sensations disappear and you imagine yourself rising upwards. The same thing as before is likely to happen. It is a more gentle experience but not quite so easy to attain.

There are three areas of experience in astral travel.

A person may travel anywhere in the physical plane, geographically nearby, or if they have the power and strength, to travel to other parts of this world or even further. To travel to the stars requires considerable power and strength and certainly not for the beginner!

Another area is the astral planes. There, depending upon a person’s spirituality and abilities they may be able to travel to other realms by will, by thought, to where they would be comfortable with or inspired by. I have spoken of the heavens before, the light and the dark, and need not repeat myself describing them.

The third area seems to be the strangest, where you may find yourself in very similar situations to what you would normally expect on the physical plane, but with subtle differences – almost as if it’s another parallel world. And once again depending upon your strength and your abilities, you may travel further from your current plane of existence to those further removed or more dissimilar. You may wonder if they truly exist!

But of course there are dangers involved in all of this. There is misinterpretation; opening yourself to other influences; being vulnerable to unfriendly forces and beings; but the greatest fear of not being able to return to the body is in fact the smallest that you need consider. It does happen – of course it does – particularly if the body is in that traumatic state or weakened state, and too much of the life force is used to travel too far, then the body is not able to receive the Ka back once more and the person dies in their sleep and continues their existence in other realms.

But this is not a psychic gift. It is something that anybody can do but the vast majority do not.

I also want to mention something of scrying because funnily enough the two are sometimes mixed up. To scry is to look into something, possibly a crystal, possibly a deep well, or most easily a black mirror or a black card, and looking into infinity within, with questions held in mind, things can be seen. Now this is a psychic gift, so if the psychic ability is not there then it is a waste of time to try. But like any gift, if it is given and if it is employed, it will strengthen with use. But where astral travel can be a means of exploration and an adventure, scrying needs a point of reference, it needs something that the person can focus on. That may be another person or a place known to them, so you cannot scry to explore.

At first, those with little ability may see symbols, see something which is not of the real world, but if their ability is developed or strong as they look into that black mirror with that question or that focus point held in mind they may see things as if looking from above, what is actually going on there.

I forgot to mention that sometimes when travelling astrally, just as with the scrying, you may see symbols. What you see in this case may not appear to be of the real world. But remember you are using different eyes, so you may see difference frequencies or planes of being. So if you look outside your back door with an altered frequency you see a different level of being – it may be a very strange world but it is still the physical world that you know. But you may be looking at auras and streams of energy and therefore think you are going mad. This is what I mean by an altered perception of the real place. That is why even when there is astral travelling there can be a denial that it is real.

There is further confusion between scrying and astral travel because on occasions rather than just seeing, the participant seems to fall into the mirror and float there, so it seems as if they are there in spirit form, similar to astral travel. But it is not travel; it is a perception or psychic clairvoyant gift being used in this way.

Just to confuse things even further, there is something between the two. A person may sit or lie down and in their mind’s eye pretend or imagine that they are leaving their body and walk through the doors to the outside world. In that imaginary journey they may see many things and later find out that in fact what they saw actually took place.

Now whether it is a clairvoyant ability or some kind of astral travelling I do not know. You would have to have a very able person sitting or standing beside the participant and see if they could see the astral projection or not. This imaginary journey is the easiest thing to practice but it is also the least likely to be real, for imagination plays the major part in that particular experience or phenomena and so is the easiest way to be fooled. But as a way of preparation, the first steps to being more serious about travelling astrally, it has its plus points. It is a kindergarten approach, if you like.

So yes, everybody can travel astrally but the vast majority do not. I think that answers the question is some way.

Do you have any questions about that?

Question……. What happens if you are interrupted?

Tonata……. Protection and preparation and no interruption are so important, but if you are travelling astrally and there is an interruption then the Ka is usually reeled in very rapidly. That is one of the explanations of the sudden falling into the body when the dream suddenly finishes.

Most people do not remember their dreams but they do dream every night. You can train yourself to remember your dreams. It is an arduous process but it can be done with strength of mind to always write down what you remember at the point of waking up. Then you gradually find you can remember your dreams quite vividly. If you also do astral travel one night so it happens during the dream time, because you have trained yourself to remember you remember that as well. But if you have not trained yourself to remember the dreams you will not remember the travel. It is as simple as that.

Everybody can travel astrally but the vast majority do not.