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  • January Newsletter – Reality kicks in

    Hello Everyone Just think how many times you must have heard the Christmas story, even over just the last few weeks, let alone the whole of your lifetime. Has it sunk in yet? Probably not! Yes – I repeat, probably not. For in all probability you have heard it so many times that you think Continue Reading

  • December Newsletter – Death and Dying

              Hello Everyone It might seem a rather strange topic for a December Newsletter but several people I know have died recently.  I point out that there is a season for Death and Dying and, obviously, it is winter time.  The earth is ‘sleeping’ or apparently dead, the vegetation is obviously Continue Reading

  • November Newsletter – Integrity

    Hello Everyone   What a quaint word in this day and age, and what a dangerous one for any person in the public eye to use. Although human nature doesn’t change circumstances are for ever changing.  Times were when a politician, or anyone in public office, would be filled with remorse and resign their position Continue Reading

  • October Newsletter – The Truth the Whole Truth and nothing like the Truth

        True of False?     The Truth the Whole Truth and nothing like the Truth   Hello everyone. Lying! Have you noticed that the word ‘honestly’ is usually found in the spoken lie?  “Honestly sir, the dog ate my homework”;  “I honestly did not do that”; and so on.  It is if the Continue Reading

  • September Newsletter – Monsters at the Mill

      No comment!       Monsters at the Mill Hi Everyone Well it looks as if I was right last week about the root crops but that didn’t stop me being wrong in that there is a monster harvest of blackberries, and it looks to be a similar monster harvest of grapes and apples. Continue Reading

  • August Newsletter – Lamentable Lammas

            Hello Everyone As a festival Lammas has virtually dropped off the radar. Even when I was a child Lammas, the first day of August, was probably only noted by Accountants for it was one of the Lady Day quarter days of the year and books had to be audited accordingly.  But Continue Reading

  • July Newsletter – Summer starts when?

            Hi Everybody The meteorological summer is defined as June, July and August, so always begins on Thursday, June 1 and ends on August 31. This year the astronomical summer started on Thursday, June 21, on the day known as the summer solstice. So when is summer? We have just passed the Continue Reading

  • June Newsletter – Mazes at the Mill

              Hello Everyone In May 2015 a second maze at the Mill was constructed using willow withies. The design was an adaption of a maze I found in a vicarage garden at the village of Wyck Rissington in the Cotswolds.  Unfortunately the maze there has since been removed and only a Continue Reading

  • May Newsletter – Boring Data Protection

              Hello Everyone Nothing is simple these days, and red tape is one of the more complex developments that is forever growing. You might have noticed the surge of emails recently requiring you to confirm your acceptance of news updates and adverts for particular products with firms that you have used Continue Reading

  • April 2018 – Trouble at Mill

              Trouble at Mill Hello Everyone There are times when I wonder if we are some of the lost sheep that have gone astray. Changing the metaphor – some people would go as  far as to say we are well and truly on the wrong path – the dark side. I Continue Reading