“Chinaman, – Are you a Christian?”


Chinaman………Good evening my friends.

Although there is energy here we have much to hold in this evening – to control.   It will not be a long session.

The question was asked, “Are you a Christian?”   And although that might seem a trite question, with some people it is very important.   And so it needs to be looked at, at this early stage.

I am aware there are very serious concerns behind that question, concerns as to who I truly am.   For in your Christian church, in particular, there is much confusion over spiritual beings – damning all as of the dark side.   So you have within your Christian scriptures such verses as – I know John can tell you much better than I can – it is in one of the Letters of Saint John – that you are to test the spirits to see if they are of God.   And part of that test elsewhere, is that the spirit should acknowledge that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became incarnate, was crucified and rose again.

Funnily enough it does not say anything about religion.   And yet the question is surely about religion – if I am a Christian.   However, when I was incarnate it was many, many years before there was any consideration of Christianity.   I was a priest in an Egyptian religion, in the temple service and training of Ptah.   That meant being able to see and adjust energies of that aspect of the Divine that brings life – that IS life and health and healing.   So I was trained, in what you might call today, more of the energetic healing therapies and magic.

Yet as we speak of this aspect of the Divine that is “spirit force”, what comes to mind is that in your Christian religion this is the work of the Holy Spirit.   In a different framework, a different understanding and belief, but it is the same work.

Later in life, for various reasons, I became a priest in the temple of Ra – the Sun God.   But it is so naive to think we worshiped the Sun.   The Sun was a symbol of power, of life and of light.   I worshipped the Lord of Light and was his servant.   And is that so much different from your Jesus who takes the title of “the Light of the World”?

So   – No, I am not a Christian.   But I will come back to that in a little while.

So what do you consider is a Christian, if from those verses it is stating something? Is it just words?   If somebody says that they are a Christian – does that make them so?   I understand a follower of Christ as someone who endeavours to be Christ like, to put their faith in Christ, to identify with Christ.   And when I look at many of your people who call themselves “Christians“ I am appalled.   For what is said in the mouth is so different in their heart and in their behaviour.   I cannot accept that that is what is meant by “testing”.

Is it a matter of strength of commitment of belief?   Again I cannot accept that.   For there are many who believe something most earnestly, but that does not make it true.   Do you not have people in your mental hospitals who believe themselves to be Napoleon, or Ghandi, or Mary?   And if you used one of your lie detectors upon them it would say that they truly believe it, but that does not make it true.   It is something else, it is something inside, it is something to do with the heart and the spirit.

For you know when you meet someone who perhaps cannot explain things very well, someone who does not know their scriptural verses and arguments, but someone who quietly lives as Christ-like as possible, that there is something about them that does not need words or statements or creeds – there is something of God about them.


Where I am there is no such thing as religion.

Religion is something very much to do with the earthly plane.   Where I am a person “is”   They do not have to claim to “be”.

There are many different parts of the heavenly realms, and a person moves to where they are comfortable, where they belong.   If there is a greater spirituality about them they are more comfortable in the higher realms – they belong in the higher realms.   It is not that others cannot visit them or be with them, but if they do so then these others become uncomfortable, it becomes too much for them and they soon seek their own levels of comfort.   They can still visit, but not for long.

There is no need to proclaim anything.  You just are!

It might sound rather strange in your ears, but in that way, do I know that Being who you know of as Jesus Christ?   Of course I do.   Anyone may have access to this person.   Would I do what this person asked of me?   Of course I would – for the sheer love and awe that I hold for this person – for the majesty that this person displays.   Of course I would do this person “s bidding.   But does that make me a Christian?

“Test the spirits to see if they are of God”.   “By their fruits ye shall know them”

I have never been baptised into this Christian church.   I am not a Christian.   But I am of the Light and of God.

Often it is religion, something of the Earth plane, that bars others from the light.   It damns them.   Anyone may seek that light and be helped.   The Expression may be different.   The kind of “glow“ or spirituality may be different.   But it is all an upward journey.

I trust that answers that question.