“Do pets go to Heaven?”


Chinaman:  The answer is “yes“.

There is no need for more words, for did not one of your friends say something about the answers being too lengthy?   However, I think it needs a further explanation.

Can you consider this physical world without animals and creatures of all kinds?   Of course not, for they are an integral part of all that is considered as Life on this earth planet, and just as there is spiritual continuation to people, so in the heavens the animals and creatures of all kind are a part of things.   You cannot consider the heavens without other creatures.   Everything has its place; everything has its part to play, and although there is not an identical exchange in the sense of “food chains“ as is here on the earth plane, there is just as much a diversity of life.   There is an energy exchange or emotional exchange, depending where you are in the heavens.   So “yes“, animals do go on to the spiritual realms and, of course, this includes those special animals or pets.   But there are differences as well as similarities across the species.

The main difference is one of time.   On other occasions I have spoken how the personality of an incarnate person does not reincarnate but continues in the heavens, but that it is the spirit, the essential part of the person, who will reincarnate.   Because the spirit reincarnates in a different time and a different situation, so there are different personalities.   This part of the person, the personality, remains in the heavens and goes on.   It progresses and grows, for Life means movement and growth.   Indeed it is an impossible thing to consider a personality which does not move on.   That is why you do not get visitations on the earth plane from those who have been in the heavens aeons, but only for hundreds of years at the most.   They have gone on.   Occasionally there might be one from a thousand years since being incarnate, and very, very occasionally from 10,000 years.   They have long gone to other realms of existence, other levels of being.

And what is true of human kind is true of all creature kind – but at different rates.     For some their rate of reincarnating is far faster than for humankind, for others it is slower because their rate of consciousness is much slower.   A giant tortoise is slower but for animals such as cats or dog it is far more frequent.

There is also the matter of the degree of personality or of developed identity.   Where there is not much consciousness, there is a very rapid return to the earth plane, whereas for the more developed identity the longer there is for the spirit to return.   Also where there is no developed identity there is little likelihood of progression but a developed identity most certainly grows towards its destiny – which is different for different species.

It is also easier for a developed identity to sustain a relationship across species.   Hence it is more usual for humankind to have such a relationship with animals, but it is not unheard of between other species.   In fact the very development of relationship produces an encouragement of identity, a greater awareness for any creature to develop and so the links become stronger.   Furthermore it does not matter whether it is the animal or the human that precedes the other through the event of death the link is there, and so pets still have that relationship with human kind.

There are creatures which only have existence in the heavens and have no counterpart on the earth plane.   There are unicorns, you would call them, and dragons.   It is not that there is a “thought form“ here on the earth plane which then has its manifestations in the heavens, but rather the other way round.   There are these creatures with their particular attributes in the heavens, which are sensed or spoken of or communicate with the earth plane, giving rise to stories or folk lore.   They have never been incarnate on the earth plane.   There are also beings who are only of the incarnational level but not be physical in the normal human sense – elementals, which belong to the earth plane and who do not have quite the same kind of progression.   They do not have the same kind of dying to the earth plane and moving on – it is quite different.

Another thing is that you will find as animals move on over to the spiritual realms that some of those creatures seem to develop more aggressive attributes, a greater sting, a greater bite.   They become creatures more associated with the levels considered to be of hell.   While for others there is far less need for aggression.   In that case you have your pictures of the religions of the world of the lion lying down with the lamb.

So it is not a simple question after all!   But does my answer satisfy your question about pets going to heaven?

C:    There is something I am not quite clear about.   Can a cat, say, reincarnate more than once to the same human being?

Chinaman:    Yes indeed, and may come back twice or possibly even three times in a particular human’s life time.   Just as with humankind the essential part will reincarnate but something of that animal’s personality will continue.   It may be that this continuing part joins with others, or it may dissipate in some kind of way, depending upon whatever their fate or destiny for that species is.   It is also easier for some species to be able to visit the earth plane than for others, especially if there is a strong link or relationship with humankind.   So this is far more likely for a cat than it is for a dog and certainly much more likely than for a horse.

S:    If they are moving on far more quickly in the heavens are you likely to meet up with a child hood pet when you cross over?

Chinaman:    It depends on the strength of that relationship which exists between you and the childhood pet – how long they have been in the heavens, what your memory is and what your strength of recall is that holds them?   Sometimes, of course, that link is unhealthy and the human holds the animal back, exactly as may happen between one human being and another as well.   There is no hard and fast rule.

S:    Can the relationship between the human and animal, if it is very close, help the animal move on faster?

Chinaman:    The relationship changes that animal just as it does for the human being.   If a human being is more aware of other life there can be a greater respect for animals, a greater respect for the interplay between all life, so the animal enriches human life and the human spirituality grows accordingly.   Unfortunately there can also be a detrimental effect.   The human may delight in power and sadism and that will ultimately inhibit the human’s life.   The relationship is always different for different people and different animals.


This works for the animal as well, for where there is trust and respect the animal may develop identity far more clearly and easily and grow wiser amongst that particular animal kind.   That cannot help but be a positive consideration.   But if the animal’s life is nothing but pain and misery the animal grows in aggression and hate and that would be detrimental. This becomes far more complex when you start to introduce divas of animals, for then the interplay does not just rest with a single animal and a single human being.   The ramifications go out in all sorts of directions.   One of the things we are most dismissive of is the way a human being kills animals as if it is their right to do so. What does that do to the individual human soul and cumulatively between the species in terms of the divas?   Every time an animal is killed with disrespect there is a strengthening of enmity between the species at that devic level.   So karma between species increases, it can become very complex.   So concerning your friend who likes things to remain simple – perhaps we should not go there.

C:    Can I just say there are humans that have a difference approach, that don’t want to kill animals?   Does that help the karma between the species?

Chinaman:    Yes, but as I say, it is a very complex situation.   On a global or cosmic level there tends to be an overall move away from respect, so even a single act of human kindness would help.   But a misguided concern could also be detrimental.   An act of kindness to one animal may actually be causing concern or disrespect to other animals or other aspects of creation – it not a simple matter.   As I say, perhaps we should not go there.

I am surprised  A.. that you have not put in your two pence worth concerning trees, and how species interact with vegetation and trees in particular, trees being the highest form of that vegetative.   A tree’s consciousness does exist, but not as most humans think.   There is the mistake that human feelings and thoughts can be superimposed upon trees, rather than the other way round, yet it can be seen that trees may grow more strongly and readily where there is love shown them.   Then there will be a mutual respect shown back!   But is it so difficult to discern that consciousness.   It is a slower understanding of exchange, a slower communication of relationship, but of course it exists.

The relationship between the tree and the place where the tree is growing is far more intimate than people realise but then of course it has to be, for a tree does not move, it does not lift its roots and move on.   So the energies of a place and the way a tree grows, together with the properties of the tree species, interact in a very strong way indeed.   That is why some areas of woods may seem quite hostile while others seem more docile or wonderful.

The way the trees are used also influence matters.   Some ways are beneficial such as shelter and construction, while a forest fire, although it has its part to play in the great scheme of things, causes much loss of life and can at first be a disaster – very disrespectful between the species.   Even so, it will recover and have its silver lining.

Even within a single species there are individuals which stand out, especially after many years.   If there is a tree in a particular prominent position, a lone tree in a meadow or on a premonitory, and if it is a long lived tree, it may become known as a lover’s tree or a hangman’s tree or gibbet, and that is superimposed and becomes part of the relationship that human kind has with that particular tree.

H:    I have been thinking about as a child, our relationship was so honest with animals and trees.   We would climb trees build children’s houses and camp under them.   It was an honest open relationship and quite magical.

Chinaman:    Yes, although some children are incredibly cruel and disrespectful.   They do not realise what they are doing and hurt animals and plants as they cut and slash and knock down.   But there is a whole world of discovery possible in that relationship, in the complexity, just to see what a single flower can give you or you to that flower.

I really think we ought to leave it there.