February Newsletter – Fed up with Brexit?

Hello Everyone

I will not watch soaps. I get enough of vicarious involvement when seeing clients with issues that sometimes make the soaps seem tame. Real life is far more profound and absorbing. However I used to watch the news assiduously for I believed it important to be aware of what was happening in the world at any one time. Not any more though.

All you seem to view these days is Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit. I am sick of Brexit. I get so irritated by the biased reporting and endless speculation. It amazes me to what lengths the reporters go to engender enthusiasm and interest. Talk about flogging a dead horse! Thank goodness for the ability to record and fast forward to other news. I know it will affect everyone in the country including yours truly. It’s a divorce between nations and as such will no doubt be costly, never satisfy everyone, and be frankly contentious and adversarial to boot. That is the usual way of divorces.

When counselling couples you know that there has to be give and take by both parties. Compromise is essential in any relationship. One person cannot always get their way for that would be a marriage made in hell for the other person and no loving relationship at all. And if a couple cannot wholeheartedly agree and work through their differences then counselling should make that clear and so obvious that it paves the way for the inevitable divorce.

What is surprising to outsiders to the situation is that so often the decision to split is not rational at all. All counselling is fundamentally about emotions so it is likely to be a reaction or realising that a watershed has been passed and tolerance or forgiveness is not possible anymore. Emotions rule the day.

So back to Brexit – no matter the logistics, it was ‘Project Fear’ that won the referendum, not reasoned arguments. It has been a growing antagonism and spoken contention ever since, just like a usual divorce. So before things get too heated and words turn to actions, for goodness sake just get on with it.

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Have a happy Imbolc and a great month