“Is there sex in Heaven?”


Chinaman:   The short answer is – yes.


But a longer answer is called for.

There are many different realms – and degree of the same realm – in the heavens.  Some are very close to this earth plane and some are very far. There are also many people who visit a plane of existence, or astral plane, but not realise that it is part of the heavens.   Such people visit them when they sleep, visit them in their dreams and whilst they are in their astral bodies.   Sometimes their dreams are very erotic. They actually have sexual intercourse with others in the heavens, visitors and dwellers alike, but just do not recognise this fact.   They just call it a dream.

But the heavens are very different in different places.   On the earth plane, elements of all those planes of existence and all those possible experiences of the heavens, is contained.   But the heavens are different.

Take note that there is also a difference, you see, between marriage and sexual union.   You are taught in your religion that there is no giving or taking of marriage in heaven, and that is correct, for marriage is very much an aspect of the earth plane where children and inheritance must be considered and safe guarded.   But sexual intercourse, as an expression, is much, much more than a consideration of these issues.

For some, sex is just a gratification of a particular appetite – a selfish desire or a selfish act of lust.   This appetite can be all consuming and take up that person’s thinking for most of the time, for them there is this great need to be gratified. That is, of course, a very low outlook on sexual intercourse, but such is found in the heavens in certain realms – thankfully not all.

The further down into the negative hells you travel, so sex is seen just as a matter of self gratification. It can be an overwhelming need to dominate; it can be an overwhelming despair of being dominated; it can be an incessant overpowering drive. It becomes a debasing of that act and bestial. It becomes more than just a matter of domination or subjugation, for in that depravity there seems an endless need to carry out that same act again and again, for there is no lasting satisfaction.   People’s souls are caught in their misery.

And yet on the earth plane sex can also be an act of intimacy, a sharing of unselfishness, a giving of pleasure and finding pleasure in return.  In a caress a person can show a trusting and display of vulnerability, of holding a treasure in your arms and in your body. So similarly in the heavens this can also be a delight, but in the higher realms an even more highlighting of it.   In these higher realms, in the union of two souls there is finding a great depth in the sharing, to the extent that even further removed from the earth, two souls can be in deep union or communion   with each other, to the point that they appear to be a new single entity. But that is a talk for another time.

So is there sex in the heavens? Yes of course there is.

Sex on the earth plane can encapsulate the worst and the wonderful.  Sex in the heavens can only be defined by which realm and where within it, but sex is part of human experience.