June Newsletter – For Better or Worse

Hello Everybody

Are you fed up with the Lockdown yet?  Do you follow the rules or bend them like some others seem to do – and get away with it?

Of course there has been the awful tragedy that some people have suffered as the virus has swept the globe, but it’s not all doom and gloom.  The wildlife around the mill has profited by the lack of activity as more rabbits and birds testify – especially blackbirds.   Although how much the marvellous weather has contributed to that God only knows.  And this despite the increased use of the footpath that goes through the valley.

With nowhere to go to socialise people have rediscovered the wonder of nature all around them.  I am sure a better respect for the wildlife has resulted from the opening of eyes and ears to the natural world as a person can only put up with so much TV at any one time.  Families have exercised together as never before, and I have never seen so many couples going for walks hand in hand as they amble along, people who have waved as they passed by instead of looking sullen and hostile.

Of course a fair degree of polarisation has occurred, especially as to relationships.  With the forced closeness partners have seen the cracks in their relationship appear.  Weaknesses have become apparent and resources have had to be drawn up from somewhere to cope.  Parents have grown more respect for teachers as home tuition has been a necessity, and couples have rediscovered what they liked in each other as they could no longer be ships that passed in the night.  Unfortunately abuse has also increased and violence grown behind those closed isolating doors.  So the need for help is now on the increase and yet we are hamstrung by the same lockdown that is exacerbating the problems.  We still cannot really offer face to face counselling and online skills have had to be learnt.  Would you rather attend an orchestral concert in person or view it on TV?  Obvious when it is put like that as so much is lost online that might be crucial, professionally speaking.

One thing I am certain about is that we will not return to how things were before the virus struck.  We might want to, we might seem to, but for better or worse the experience has changed us.

We lost Millie at the beginning of April but she was 15 years old – at least.  However thinking it would take several months before anything happened as happened last time, we contacted the Labrador Trust we a view to taking another lab.  Within a week Minnie arrived – a clone of Millie – aged 6 years old.  Some things you cannot for the life of you hurry or slow down , others come at their own pace!

Some tree stump! This was in our woods. The branches had fallen and the cetre was rotten yet the stump must weigh a few tons. And it just would not fall down. Hairy stuff.

It took a 20 ton jack to finish the felling. If you want to see the last moments click here. But you might have to turn the computer on its side!

The usual updates are there, Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts and have a great Solstice