May Newsletter – Boring Data Protection






Hello Everyone

Nothing is simple these days, and red tape is one of the more complex developments that is forever growing. You might have noticed the surge of emails recently requiring you to confirm your acceptance of news updates and adverts for particular products with firms that you have used in the past.  That is because there has been some legislation come into force concerning Data Protection.  No doubt it was needed in some quarters but for small concerns like ourselves it seems an unnecessary additional bureaucratic burden and is not wanted or needed.  However the law has changed so we must comply.  At least we would if we need to.  Unfortunately we are not registered with the Data Protection people for we keep no records other than the names and email addresses of clients and Newsletter recipients.  I am sure that we are so small a concern that nobody cares one way or the other, and who is to know, but if it does apply then we are obliged to make sure you want to receive the Newsletter.

To that end I would ask you to reply to this Newsletter anyhow with the simple and single word ‘YES’ that signifies both to you having read this and agree to remain on the mailing list. Otherwise I think I am supposed to remove your name and no longer annoy you with unwanted mail.  It must be your decision and needs your action to stay in touch.  Over to you.

Other news is also just as riveting. We had our AGM last month so if you would like to read my annual report then just click here.

A little bit more interesting subject, that is not so prominent these days, even in the report, is that of strange goings on and their resolution. Part of our work has always been to help still storms of one kind or another, such as emotional, psychic, or relationship-wise.  Perhaps you might like to know that that psychic stuff is still ongoing but of a very quiet nature.  We really do not like to say much for it seems to attract the attention seekers as the drama of uncomfortable and strange happenings lends them kudos, in a strange sort of way.  However should you want help and advice and are afraid to go to any official personage or stranger, then you know confidentiality is always kept by us and no one may need get to hear of an embarrassment or difficulty you find yourself in if your do not want them to.

Certainly there is more information you can find on my other website about the range of knowledge and involvement in this subject –

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Happy May Day.