November Newsletter – Integrity

Hello Everyone


What a quaint word in this day and age, and what a dangerous one for any person in the public eye to use. Although human nature doesn’t change circumstances are for ever changing.  Times were when a politician, or anyone in public office, would be filled with remorse and resign their position if they were caught in any kind of scandal.  Remember the Profumo and Christine Keeler affair in 1961?  Somehow I cannot see how that could happen in today’s climate.  Nowadays politicians can cheat with their expenses claims, Bankers lose the nation’s assets and plunge the world into financial chaos, high profile businessmen become involved in sexual misconduct and nobody seems to bat an eyelid.  Where is integrity within these people?  Where is shame or self respect?  Does no one have any spiritual values anymore?

One of the fundamental factors that often needs exploring with Clients during counselling sessions are value systems, self esteem and inner peace. I am not writing about religious persuasion but moral backbone and ethics, for success in life is not measured so much in monetary terms but in inner peace, peace of mind and harmony in relationships.  When a person is desperate enough to seek professional help then usually it is because they have been deeply wounded in some way, they do not know what is the right thing to do or think, or they have done something that they thought they could get away with and it is eating away down in their subconscious mind, ruining their life and other’s lives that they come into contact with.  Inner strength and healing can come when the person discovers what they truly value and act with integrity,  even if truth robs them of community or family status.

Old fashioned ideas? Perhaps, but those quaint concepts have stood the test of time and lie at the foundation of all the major religious teachings.

News flash – we have three new Trustees, bringing the Board up to 8 members.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by  the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a good month.