October Newsletter – The Truth the Whole Truth and nothing like the Truth



True of False?



The Truth the Whole Truth and nothing like the Truth


Hello everyone.

Lying! Have you noticed that the word ‘honestly’ is usually found in the spoken lie?  “Honestly sir, the dog ate my homework”;  “I honestly did not do that”; and so on.  It is if the liar needs the emphasis to the contrary to convince him or herself of their innocence.  If a person comes out with such a statement you cannot but doubt them – honestly!

In the counselling room things are not so obvious and the ‘truth’ is so much harder to get to. A client brings their own version of the truth but so often – to quote an old joke – they have wet feet and can see pyramids.  They are in d’nile!  It takes careful challenge to help a client face contradictions and inconsistencies as they explore troubling issues.  Too hard a challenge will produce anger and entrenchment and you will probably lose your client but too soft a challenge and nothing gets done so why bother?  The ‘truth’ in that situation is usually a painful discovery but if left may cause not only emotional problems but dis-ease of many kinds.  It has to be looked at and sorted!

I have been asked from time to time whether I believe the Adam and Eve story to be true. And that introduces a different type of truth.  My reply is typically Anglican – both yes and no.  No, I do not believe in the literal truth of the story, that it is an historical account.  Yes, I do believe it is a most profound allegorical story of truth and accountability. To eat of the tree of knowledge is to know truth and a person ‘in the know’ has lost their innocence.  The knowledge can so often be a burden for it consequently involves the question of what to do with it.  How will that affect the situation that the person finds themselves in?

Facing the challenge and sorting things out requires wisdom, strength and respect, both self respect and respect for others and when a person moves on that knowledge they cannot help but grow and mature. That, in my book, is another way of speaking about spirituality and soul growth.  And remember that there were two trees in the garden story, the second one being the Tree of Life.  Growing in spiritual stature is partaking of the fruit of that second tree.

Isn’t that the Truth?


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Have a great month.