September Newsletter – Monsters at the Mill


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Monsters at the Mill

Hi Everyone

Well it looks as if I was right last week about the root crops but that didn’t stop me being wrong in that there is a monster harvest of blackberries, and it looks to be a similar monster harvest of grapes and apples. Well you can’t be a doom merchant and correct all the time.

Thinking about monsters – do you remember this? Suzanne had had an acupuncture treatment that had included using suction caps.  It looked terrible but I can assure you it wasn’t.  That gave me the idea to report that an octopus lived in the Mill pond and had attacked her whilst she had had a dip.  Silly I know but it made some people think.

Well there is now another story about another monster –  the creature from the Haye Lagoon.  No, the monster isn’t Jim on the left, it is the mass of roots on the right.  We had cut and dragged that monster growing in and blocking the stream whilst the water level was at its lowest, but as I towed it out with the Honda the roots flailed around and it looked as if there was a strange creature trying to catch up with me.  It is a pity we didn’t have a video of the event but it is another legend in the making.

Another monster cut down to size was the report that I had recently had a heart attack. Good news is that I didn’t.  It looks as if we can downgrade that nasty turn to Angina, but there are more test to come to confirm things and sort out a treatment but this time without the panic that came from the Doctor’s initial diagnosis.  Don’t get me wrong for they had to presume the worst and not take any chances but the certainty of report and subsequent action of ambulance to hospital almost gave me the heart attack I was supposed to have had!

I guess that is the way of most monster stories in that they diminish in size as they come under the spotlight, and that can’t be a bad thing.

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Practitioners.

Have a good Equinox