Question – “Should Sex be only in Marriage?”


Chinaman…….Did you know of the profound connection between Energy and Sex?

Energy.  A simple word.  A simple concept you might think at first, but upon a deeper investigation you realise it is a most profound, inexplicable mystery.  For what is energy?

In the physical world there are various ways of understanding and measuring energy – by its level of heat, its temperature – by its height above the ground, potential energy – by its potential locked up in chemical form – and so it goes on.  But these are only outward abstractions for what it is in itself.  If you could actually see the smallest molecules moving then the only difference between their movements at one temperature and at another temperature is the amount of agitation displayed.  They look the same, they are the same matter, but one has a different value of energy than another.  One is more agitated than another.  So what is this agitation?  That is a very difficult concept to grasp.

And yet everything is energy.  For if you go to an even smaller level you find the single particle that was jumping about is made up of even smaller particles, also jumping around – and so on, and so on, until you understand that matter IS energy.  That most famous equation of Einstein of E=mc2.

Everything on the physical level can be thought of as energy.  You are talking about everything you see and feel and experience in this physical world.  Yet if that is true for the physical levels, then it is more evidently true at the higher levels of being.  When you are talking about the mental world of thought and emotion, then you are talking about exactly the same thing – thought energy.  And it goes further, for even in the description of the Godhead it is spoken that God is light, and that is indeed a symbol of energy.  But be careful, for at that level of understanding this concept becomes quite dangerous to interpret, so difficult a concept it is that we had best leave that for the philosophers!

So leaving the Godhead alone and coming back to ourselves, remember that energy is not created for creation is complete.  But everything is flowing for energy does not stand still!  It flows from a higher potential to a lower one.  It flows from positive, say, to negative, it flows from a hotter area to a colder area.  It flows.

Let me introduce another most basic thought.

Instead of thinking of height and depth, or negative and positive, let me speak of yin and yang.  But be careful once more, for although they have the masculine and the feminine or the positive and negative connotations with them, they do not really have the strict understanding you have given them in your society.  Does electricity flow because positive flows to negative, or negative to positive?  Is it only one way in your way of thinking?  To say the same for yin and yang is a mistake, for although there is the correspondence between those words, yin may seem to flow to yang but also yang may seem to flow to yin!  And do not forget the correspondence between yin and yang with feminine and masculine.  I do not really want to have such a weight of gender put upon them, yet it is inescapable.

I was therefore wondering whether to call this talk not so much ‘energy’ as ‘sex’, but with your society’s gross understanding of that word it would throw my particular words in a direction I do not wish them to go.  Yet when regarding the interaction between living organisms and the different kinds of flow – energy flow – that passes from one to the other, we cannot escape from talking about sex.

For a moment let me digress.  Within the human body you have different energy systems.  For example, you understand something of the acupuncture system, of the energies be they yin or yang, which pass along lines called meridians.  There are other energy systems which do not pass along lines but still flow from one area to another.  A kind of – if I may use the analogy, like a high pressure flowing to a low pressure in your understanding of weather systems – a flow of air – so you have a flow of chi. That it follows through an area of the body rather than along a line is just the different way that that energy flows at that time – a different kind of energy flow.  There are yet further different kinds of energy flows, those which seem to meander like a river or stream.  There are even stranger flows, for one part of the body can respond to another without any kind of connection seemingly made and energy – jumps – from one place to another – by resonance.  So in that instance, you can have your whole body imprint upon a foot or an ear or eye.

Energy can be transferred through different systems within the body, be it the meridians, these high/low pressures, the streams or by resonance.  There is even a direct kind of absorption, or saturation, a percolation through the body.  There are all these ways in which the energy can move – can flow; and they do so all the time.  How complicated it is, and just within a single living organism.

When introducing another living organism that can relate to the first, then energy can flow or be released or triggered to resonate, or can percolate through, from one living organism to another.  This I can speak of as yin and yang, or masculine and feminine, and so understand as sexual.  You may not want to label it such, but I’m afraid I do.  Even though the physical genders may be the same, even though there may be no actual contact of what is known as sexual organs, it is not impersonal, it is still sexual.  Life involves this interaction all the time and any interaction between people involves their sexuality.  It is far, far too fundamental a part of their being not to be.

Let me take that one step further.  When we also bring gender to our thinking, and what in your society you do call sexual activity, then there is a very specific or particular kind of energy exchange, and this has ramifications throughout the different levels of being.  When this happens – let us just talk of heterosexual activity for now – then what may take place on a energy level between one man and a woman may be totally different between another man and a woman, or the same man with another woman or the same woman with a different man.  The energy exchange will be very different.  In some exchanges it may be more of an invoking at the physical level, others at a mental level, others at a spiritual level – but there is still energy exchange, in this case mainly triggered by physical sexual activity.  The relationship is unique for the exchange is unique.  It can be deeply intimate and meaningful.  It can be shallow and just of physical release.  It is never the same all the time or the same between different people.

In some forms of magic this is deliberately employed.  One term for this is Tantric sex, another is Kundalini magic.  In some religions of the world, mainly in years long past, physical sexual activity was seen not as a thing for the bedroom but an activity of worship and growth.  That it was also enjoyable was a bonus, but for some, especially today, it is the epitome of sin!  That is religion for you.

If we look beyond the interplay between a man and a woman and look at the interplay between – I would have said a person and say a tree – I will say them, let us look at that – then there is still a kind of energy exchange.  I would say that there is sexuality involved, sexual activity involved, because you have energy flow, and energy is not impersonal.  You relate to the tree and the tree relates to you.  The kind of energy that is being given by the human and the kind of energy given by the tree are profoundly different, so in the biological sense my statement about sexual activity is nonsense, but in the exchange of energies it makes very good sense.

Let me take it a step even further still.  I do not wish to sound too extreme, but within the roots of your own Christian religion you have the idea of sex or union between the divinity and, not just one human, but all humans of that particular religion.  Do you not tell of the Church as the Bride of Christ?  It is equally prominent in Judaism.  There it is the image of the relationship between the male God and the female group entity of the Children of Israel, the Israelites, given in many teaching examples.  In the Old Religion you find the sexual union between Mother Earth and Sky Father being taught, and the identification of the genders with those Divinities.

From time immemorial people have made this identification and experienced the cosmos in a grand, or even divine way.  Energy flow has taken place and this has been labelled prayer, meditation, magic or ecstasy.  It is then there can be great delusion or great revelation, depending upon how clear the identification has been and how aware they have been of their own participation in relation to the Divine.  Their whole body, mind and spirit have been affected, caught up in energy exchange and altered consciousness.

It is no perversion to feel the energy resonating within you at particular parts of the body, especially the sexual parts.  It is not a perversion.  It is something to delight in.  It is not a perversion for a male to respond to Mother Earth with sexual feelings, even to the point of physical excitation.  It is not a perversion for a female to respond to Sky Father in like manner.  It is a natural effect of resonance within the body.  And yet people have claimed this to be wicked.

I think my words will be denounced within your main religion as not only being wicked but heresy and diabolical.  And yet as I understand it, it is sacred.  The respect of exchange, the awe of exchange in placing oneself at such a focus, the overpowering sense of the divine and yet humility by being in this intimate relationship is something sacred and cannot possibly be thought of as diabolical.

So I do believe Sex is essentially sacred and should not be profaned by casual use.  But as ALL energy exchanges have a sexual aspect, then I do not see marriage as having the monopoly of sex.

On the more mundane level, it may seem rather strange to consider the interplay of energy between a tree and a rock or a human and mountainside as being sexual but that is how I see it.  There is energy exchange and it is of yin and yang.  Therefore I would say it is sexual and can be experienced as such.  But somehow I do not think your magazines which I have seen like ‘Playboy’ would consider much of a tree standing on a hillside as being exciting and erotic!

(General laughter)

It is a weird concept no doubt in your ears but it is just as weird as some of your concepts in mine.

I have said more than enough.  It is time to stop.