“Should we desire psychic gifts?”


Chinaman…….I believe ANY gift – should it be potential  – ought to be developed and used.   I believe ANY desired gift – should it not be present – is a waste of time and effort trying to develop.   So do you have a latent or operating psychic gift?   Then it should be developed fully as any other gift or talent should that makes you who and what you are.   If you do not have the gift in any form then you must ask yourself as to why you desire it?

So the short answer is YES.  But:-


In your society, psychic gifts are made out to be something rather special and yet that is not truly the case.


It seems that people always need something extra to give some kind of significance, some kind of importance to the individual, some kind of edge over one’s fellows – as John would say, “To be a somebody”.   It is nothing new in human nature of course, but in your society one of the ploys for certain people is to focus upon psychic gifts.   Unfortunately, it can not only be to develop an individual’s potential and fulfil one’s destiny but also be a form of self aggrandisement to laud  over others, so it becomes a pitfall to one’s personal spirituality and growth.


Psychic gifts are in fact very ordinary; it is just a different matter of applying one’s attention and expression of perception. It is only when the ability is strong that the outcome can appear startling or miraculous to all concerned.


Let me give you an example.


When a person listens it can be listening with the ears, it can be listening with the eyes, it can be listening with the heart – it can be listening in several different ways.   So to listen to a tree, say, could be hearing something of the wind blowing through the tree and the creak of movement of that tree.   To listen with the eyes is to be aware if that tree is being pushed by the wind.  Although you can hear the movement with the ears, to see the degree of movement with the eyes may give rise to a feeling of anxiety for the tree, a feeling of pain for the tree if it is being strained by its environment.   To listen with the heart, though, is to identify with the tree which is a compassion or form of love.   That form of listening is beyond words, beyond rationality, for is being aware of the desires of that tree, the things which are current in its ‘consciousness’, be it the need for moisture and minerals, be its burden of the leaf, be its concern for the way the animals may be misusing it, be its longing for knowledge and concern for other trees of its kind, being concerned on one side of a tree for what is taking place on the other side, for a tree is not a single organism but almost like a group mind in itself.   To identify with the tree is seemingly psychic or special, but I say it is simply listening and resonating with that tree at a deep level of your being – being aware.


To walk along a country lane can be a journey of discovery after only a very short distance.   It is possible to listen to a single plant or flower at one level, to appreciate the shade or the water or the mineral or the energy around it.   You can begin to understand at the listening level how one plant affects another, how one tree calls to another, makes use of another, shades and abuses another!


Knowing ‘intuitively’ is just a different way of talking about being still and listening. Is that something to be desired?   On the whole I would think it is, for it widens your horizons to all things around you, but others might think you rather strange and eccentric and possibly someone to be avoided – hardly admired!


However, perhaps you can listen with your body rather than just with your heart.   Then you will be aware of flowing energies and energy exchange felt within your own body as a discomfort or movement, as twisting or prickling sensations.   Starting within yourself you can arrange the energy flow to bring comfort or desired effect, directing with this by Will.   Working further than your physical body you can ‘see’ or feel the energy flows around you to the extent of gradually affecting the energy in a large sphere of influence about you or in a very pointed direction.   That is the working of magic or healing.   Is that what you want?   How will others view you then – with respect or fear?


Let me go still further.   If you would choose to listen with your sacral chakra rather than the heart or whole body and meditate on the inspirational level at the same time, you would be able to levitate.   It would be a reflection on the physical of what was happening on the inspirational level.   Even though you might be meditating on the upper chakras, it will take effect at the sacral.   Some of your martial arts look to this point rather than any other point.   In that discipline when the focus is on the sacral then that person cannot be moved. They seem to be rooted at one spot physically.   But if that sacral chakra itself is resonating with the inspirational level through meditation and the person listens to the sacral, then rather than being rooted to the earth you would find yourself levitating.   That would confound many a person!!   However it has no practical value on the incarnational level that I know of!   You would become a peep show!


In the past some people have sought this as proof of their spiritual stature, and yet I see that as a misdirection of intent and the very opposite to spirituality.   Others have been known to combine this ability with a form of self aporting – a partial trance state that has enabled people to be able to run or float over immense chasms or distances without sustenance and so on.   It is transcending the physical limitations of the body through a fire within.   That might be useful in some situations, but just to be able to levitate!?   Why?   Perhaps you want to be canonised as a saint! It might be good for ego building but it would not be good for your spiritual growth.


When people have sought after psychic gifts for their own sake then they have not thought of the implications, the consequences of that gift.   They have not thought of responsibility, have not thought of what it does to themselves or others.   They have only wanted to feel important and display the use of power.


Psychic gifts should be most carefully developed.   I have heard people speak of psychic development coming from inspirational sources, from on high coming down through the person – and that somehow makes everything alright.   But I would suggest it is best to work the other way round.   You begin with the physical understanding and work from that with emotional growth, the emotional platform.   Once you are able to ground yourself emotionally then you take the next step and use the mental level of Will, the yellow chakra. With that application you begin to see something of the consequences and the awesome responsibilities that you have so that compassion opens up the heart chakra and so on.


It is a rising of the kundalini rather than a coming down from on high in some form or other.   And as the kundalini rises, even though it may be the smallest sliver, as it goes through the chakras then there is reciprocity, a coming down through the central channel to the base chakra again.   So ability and understanding and stability all grow together.   But still the emphasis is from the base upwards.   You are on the incarnational level and you work up in your present being.   You are not saints or angels working your way down!!


Be very careful in your desires  – and always desire wisdom.   Otherwise you might very well get something to teach you to be more careful still!