What is Spiritual Warfare?


Tonata………Good evening my friends.


Let me talk of spiritual warfare in a very general way, although I know we have spoken of this several times before and you have much experience in specific situations.  However, to put it as a single talk will help to bring various pieces together.


We need to speak very carefully of these things for there is so much confusion about spiritual warfare.   People often think they know everything about it just because they belong to a prayer group or a church or have ‘done a workshop’ on it.


Spiritual Warfare can be put into three main categories.


The first one involves an active participation – an act of Will.   This is the situation of the Spiritual Warrior, the Champion of the Light – or the Dark!   In the astral body you can travel and influence things by Will, looking on to see what needs to be done, therefore Spiritual Warfare can be conducted by groups or individuals actually venturing forth astrally, leaving the body behind, and directing their Will against the opposition – whatever that might be.   Remember, if the traveller is very skilled then the warfare can be conducted at the different astral levels.   It does not have to be just upon the earth plane.   Depending upon what they see, what they know and what they can do – so they may strike.


Then there is a different kind of venturing forth, not in an astral body but also by thought, while in the physical body and very much awake.   Whether as a group or as an individual there can be a venturing forth in symbolic imagery, visualising the situation manifested in symbolic form and striking out in like manner.   Even if the symbolism is difficult to hold just as a mental exercise, then the work can be achieved through forces such as ritual magic, a sympathetic magic or a half way stage of visualising energy going forth as light.   Light can be a devastating weapon to those who prefer the dark.


In all of these there is a direct application of Will – to go forth, to champion a cause.


Then still in this category of active or wilful participation, there is evocation.   This is where the individual or group no longer feels adequate to the task in their own strength so evokes the help from others, – elementals, divas, guides, angels, God or of course demons and Lucifer. By such evocation you may have, depending upon your humility, arrogance or real power, control over those who you evoke. But whether you ask or whether you command, it is still the same in that there is a sending forth of powerful influences by Will.   It is active participation on your part – even if it is simply a matter of prayer on your part.

I must speak concerning the rights and wrongs of such work, for there are immense consequences to this type of work, consequences simply thinking about the work, let alone doing it, consequences to yourself as well as consequences for those whom you act upon.   Do you clear Karma or do you cause a Karmic debt to be added to you or your group?   If you evoke and command then what are you doing on this karmic level?   Spirituality should be very much to the fore and great care and consideration must be given at every point.   What are you doing?   Think before you act or pray.

The defence against this kind of work is of only two kinds, a passive and an active kind.   The passive kind is that of amulets, talismans, wards, symbols, pentacles, or the prayer such as “the Breastplate of St Patrick”.   However all these, except that of prayer, are all physical objects imbued with power from the mind.   In fact they require the least kind of energy to form protection.   But be careful, for the wards isolate and may actually stop a positive force as well as a negative one.   A symbolic mirror ward or wall may defend you but it stops you receiving help as well.   Also the strength of the ward depends on your ability to either imbue the objects with power, or your psychological understanding at a deeper level that utilises your faith in that symbol.


A far more effective defence is that of an active kind, but that requires considerable energy, concentration and constant attention.   It can be thought of as a light surrounding you, guarding you, guiding you and inspiring you, for those of the dark shun the light.   But that also depends so much upon your spirituality, what kind of relationship you have with the divine, with your neighbours and with yourself!   For when fear creeps in this kind of defence is most easily lost, and panic results.


Of course it is said that the best form of defence is attack.


The second kind of spiritual warfare is not where there is an active mind at work against you, but a blind miasma of negativity.


Every single person experiences tensions in Life.   There is the balance required between the need to grow and push forwards and the need to rest or let go, between light and dark, between self interest and the needs of others, between hot and cold, understanding of good and bad, rough and smooth, and so on.   Life is such a mixture of these different tensions and balances.   It is indeed a very rich pattern and we should expect to experience it all.   But it is when there seems to be more examples of difficulty or frustration, a moving through treacle or when things constantly seem to be going wrong or having to be coped with, that you begin to wonder whether there is an attack of some kind against you at a spiritual or psychic level.


For people who have no knowledge of such things it remains a mystery or unfairness in life.   For those who do have some knowledge, but for whom that knowledge is rather limited, then they are likely to become quite paranoid.   They will see demons and devils at every misfortune.   For those who have greater knowledge, they begin to discern which is an attack and which is simply a part of life.


The defence for such a situation is much more complex and difficult to sustain, for how do you defend yourself against treacle, how do you defend yourself against frustration?


This is the eternal battle between light and dark.   It is a miasma, which for the individual needs to be considered not as a personal attack from an opposing party but still regarded as certainly part of the eternal battle.   For when there are frustrations to cope with, when there are constant difficulties and challenges to be met, then the person who is suffering in this way finds that their energy and concentration is squandered on all these other issues rather than directed to achieve their goal in Life.   Their energy is wasted, their attention diverted.   The ‘opposition’ wins by default and the main challenge is not met.


This is by far the most common form of spiritual battle that is undertaken.   It is not that individuals have been singled out for attack.   It is being caught up in the treacle of the eternal battle.   Through faith, through insight, through inspiration, these are the ways to defend and to challenge.   Wards and bathing in light have their part to play but only in a secondary way.   You have to live your life, you have to meet the challenges presented, you have to cope with all the vagaries that come your way.

And what is the third category?


Just as the first is more easily seen to defend against and the second much more difficult, the third is impossible!   The first is a trial of strength with victor and loser and the consequences or karma of outcome.   The second is treacle versus inspiration.   But the third kind cannot be laid at the door of either light or dark.   It is more a case of chance or destiny and only a matter of time and response that says whether it is a good outcome or not.   So, for example, if a person has an accident that robs them of all mobility, is that evil, is that spiritual warfare?   It certainly has profound consequences. If a person wins your lottery is that wonderful or is it a curse?   But once again the consequences are profound.   It may only be with considerable hindsight that you can see whether an incident works for good or for bad.   Certainly there will be challenges at a spiritual level, a supernal level.   And there is no defence for those things that suddenly come like your tsunami wave on Boxing Day.   It was such a terrible thing but has it increased awareness, has it made people more alert to such dangers and consequences?   Has it altered those communities so that when they re-grow they move on a far more altruistic or righteous path or has it made people more selfish?   Do people have a greater respect for the divine, or for the earth or the fragility of life?   Is that good or is it bad?

So putting all that together and realising that you are in a situation where spiritual attack could be taking place – do you act or do you not act?   Do you use your abilities, your knowledge or not?     There can be no half measures, only a question of degree of action.


I say that you need to be as aware as possible of all ramifications to any such situation.   To not act could be a denial or fear of retaliation, or it could be the decision of profound wisdom, but to come out with – I believe your phrase is ‘all guns blazing’ is the action of those who are immature or who have little knowledge.   Every time you act, every time you pray, every time you put forth any kind of action which involves the light – attracts the darkness.   Even though those beings may shun the light, it still attracts them.   It invites a backlash; it involves a stepping up of this cosmic battle against you to frustrate your efforts and your growth.   It invites open warfare of that first kind, and you may be eliminated and your efforts come to nothing.


Those who have knowledge should indeed act, but with wisdom.   What abilities do they have, what knowledge do they have of the situation, what is their experience through life, their strengths their weaknesses, and above all what is the minimum, the least amount of work to produce the desired effect?   Although you know it will invite retaliation in time, it is in faith that, although you embrace life with all its frustrations, you will grow through it and achieve your goal.


For those engaged in Spiritual Warfare, your main defence must be spirituality and maturity.   Although wards and symbols and amulets will be part, although you may use the bathing of light around your place of spiritual work, the main defence must come from your personal spirituality, your growth, your understanding, your faith, your knowledge, your strength and your vision of purpose.   You can support each other with talk with help, physical and mental, but it must rest with individuals and their individual spiritual walk.


I have had my say.