Absent Healing and Prayer

A small group of people may meet to assist, by request, in the healing of others by way of prayer or absent healing. They are all interested in therapy of some kind or other and usually use the Mill as one of their venues for their respective work. For absent healing, although individuals may work in this way, we have found that a group is better for all concerned.

In such a group there is bound to be mixed experiences, insight and understanding, yet the individuals who make up the group respect each other’s approach and give support to their colleagues’ work even though they, as individuals, might be more comfortable in their own framework of belief and way of working. Despite the diversity there is still harmony.

That being the case, one evening it might seem more appropriage for time to be spent in prayer, while on another occasion, or even later that same evening, a visualisation or ‘Sending of the Light’ might be used. Whatever techniques or outward form of expresion is employed, the members are dedicated and committed to help. However, intercessary prayer or absent healing is never given without the recipient’s full knowledge or specific request.

If you would like the group to pray for you or hold you in the Light for healing then please email us on info@hayemill.com.   Your name and a few words on the nature of the problem will help with the group work, and you will be kept in mind for 3 months’ meeting. After this time, unless we hear again from you, your name will be removed from the list of those to be assisted. We will let you know when the group is to meet so you can “tune in” at that same time.

There is no charge for this work, although people often give donations to the Charity as a way of saying “Thank You”. There is no expectation of this, neither should any donation be viewed as an agreement with God to act as some kind of secret payment for the healing to work! The group meets to work freely.