April Newsletter – at long last – They are gone

Hello Everyone

I have probably written this in a past Newsletter but I will write it again, for I have said it countless times face to face but when people exclaim, “Free Electricity!”, I say that there is NO SUCH THING.  The actual monies spent on maintenance work out approximately the same as you would expect to pay per kilowatt hour to a utilities company.  Then when you add in the hours spent on looking after the set up and repairing any damage – gearing, buckets and leats, you realise that the whole venture is quite expensive.  One redeeming feature is that with the FITs subsidy we are paid by the government to produce the electricity that we then use!!

Remember this?  A few months back I published an appeal for funding to environmentally dispose of the defunct battery bank.  That was a whole new ball game.  One firm quoted £5,000, which was an absurd sum considering our finances.  Funnily enough, when legislation changed and it was mandatory to take back batteries to recycle (in this case to send them to Poland where they were manufactured), but along with a government payout, it was the same firm that assessed a £500 charge.  We started the process last November, but I pulled my remaining hair out as emails passed back and forth.  What should have been a simple arrangement turned into a bewildering maze of questions, answers and pics until last week, with only 30 minutes warning, the collection took place.  I wonder what the bill will actually be.  But talk about a crucifixion and resurrection experience.  Quite a preparation for Easter!

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

P.s. When working on the gearing, spot the deliberate mistake.

Didn’t see it? The washer is on top of the nut instead of under it. Senior moment.

Every blessing and I hope you had a great Easter.