April Newsletter – My Head on the block

Hello Everyone

I know this is a week early but – here we go again!  After all I said last month about not being a fortune teller, I guess I cannot help myself.  It is my head, I suppose, so it is my fault for putting it on the block!

These last few months have seen Uranus being the focus of the astrological situation and being very strongly challenged. As some of the meanings for Uranus are accident, perversity and war, it seemed obvious to me that we were in for some kind of hard times, probably conflict or possibly even war.  It was another thing to say it and put my money where my mouth was, and as you know I chickened out and wrote about a lesser possibility of a Covid mutant variation.  Yes, that also came about, but so did war!

Well, I am putting my head on the block again for this coming month the emphasis leaves Uranus in a spectacular way.  See the chart. In terms of the world stage I interpret this first week of April as a climax situation, with the outcome in the balance – either way, positive or negative.  Then over the next few days common sense prevails and the end of the conflict is in sight, with egos badly bruised.  We shall see.  I hope that is the case but if I am so wrong then I think I had better apologise and hang up my astrological hat once and for all.

We never can tell how we are going to react in moments of conflict.  Afterwards, with the luxury of hindsight, we can usually see a better way of going about things, or ‘I should have said’ or ‘I should have done’ etc etc, but because at the time we work on adrenalin and instinctive reaction we are left with regrets and the need to work through consequences and heartache.  Such is the work of the Counsellor (at that individual level) or the Diplomat (at the international level).

I only wish we could be wise before we act – at any level.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I hope you had a good equinox.

Every Blessing