“Are UFOs Real?”

Tonata…….I am likely to upset most people this time for I want to answer that question in three ways. I therefore ask you to withhold judgement until I have finished before you explode!

If by the question “Are UFOs real?” you mean are they seen and recorded, then of course they are real. By very definition, if an object is sighted in your skies and you cannot identify it then it must be a UFO – an Unidentified Flying Object. It is usually when there is closer examination of the situation that the object then becomes Identified.

People so like to have conspiracy or drama rather than the mundane, and well over 90%, possible even 99%, of those sightings can have a rational mundane explanation. However, there will always be a few which defy an explanation but common sense would rather suggest it is a lack of data which prevents identification take place. Such sightings are far more likely to be weather balloons or satellites, high flying aircraft, Chinese lanterns or the like. But, as I say, there will still be some sightings which do not seem to fit any category, but that does not mean to say that they are of alien origin.

So the second answer to “Are UFOs real?” is really answering the question “Are alien intelligences arriving in some kind of vehicle in the skies?”. Here I will begin to upset people for I cannot see this as anything other than nonsense. You have heard the saying ‘that the unbelief of the unbelieving is unbelievable’ but that also holds true in a slightly different way in that the belief of the believing can be equally unbelievable! And people seem to want to believe that there are aliens in the skies.

But for a moment consider how life on this planet has evolved in a particular way because of the very nature of the planet. It is not that life was always going to be this way with human beings as the intelligent dominant species. It wasn’t as if life had to somehow become like this because there was a blue print. Rather it was because the planet has this certain amount of gravity and there is that certain amount of distance from your sun, that there are these elements of oxygen and nitrogen, and so on, that life has evolved in a particular way. It is because of parameters peculiar to Earth that the dominant life has ended up as being bi-pedal – has two legs, two arms, two eyes, one mouth, and so on.

Why is it that in all your science fiction films, stories and UFO experiences that you see the same kind of humanoid shape for your aliens, your extra-terrestrials. That is nonsense. For life would have evolved in a very different way on different planets. This could be aqueous, jelly fish type or like an octopus of this planet, octopi are very intelligent. Why could they not evolve further on other planets with other parameters?

There is some evidence in the past to suggest there has been visitation, but I query even that evidence to say that it is definitely alien. It could equally be evidence of a visitation from the future – of human people – travelling back in time when time travel is possible! Then although they might be in protective clothing, at least they would look humanoid. There are some very strange ideas around but none stranger to suppose that in the last 50 years or so aliens have repeatedly visited this planet and that they look vaguely human! So I cannot agree that UFOs are real if you mean flying saucers and little green men. No.

But now I will upset the other half of the population. For if you mean are some of the UFOs real in that the sightings have a reality about them, then I say “yes”. I do not mean that the sightings are physically real but that they are visitations nevertheless.

The human mind is a wonderful thing. If you tell someone under hypnosis – a common one – that eating one of your lemons is really a peach, then they will truly believe it to be a peach. It will seem to be a peach to them and they will relish eating that peach. Or if you tell them something does not exist, like a table, chair or even a person in the room, then that table, chair or person to them will not exist even though their eyes may see something. Somehow or other the sight is scrambled, it is reinterpreted to what they believe it should be, what they have been told to expect, and so is.

You get the same idea in dreams. As you dream, the place and situation seems very real, and yet when you wake and you think back at what was going on, you see how impossible it might have been. It might have defied rational and physical laws, but whilst dreaming it was feasible and real.

So now consider distance and the infinity of space. Just thinking of that word ‘infinite’ must mean there are some forms of life out there somewhere and some of them will be intelligent. I can assure you that some of them have visited this earth in thought because thought is not bound by the speed of light. However, when the thought arrives, either as a telepathic thought or an astral projection, and some human perceives this in some way, then because of their expectations they cannot accept the objective nature of what they perceive or think is there. It has to be interpreted in some way, or clothed by expectation. The mind will see what it expects to see. And through your films and stories and all manner of expectation, the mind has been programmed so people see aliens and see their spaceships. They even converse with them – funnily enough, usually in their native language!

In that sense no sighting is physically real – but there is contact and communication.

So having upset everyone with those three answers I would normally and rapidly leave you to your discussion. But this time I would like to speak further about my personal experience in these matters.

Whilst incarnate, you recall, I was trained as a priest in the mysteries of Ptah. The religious bodies and parties of my time – like your own – followed particular doctrines and ideas. Some were more to do with moral teachings or spirituality whilst others were more to do with healing or intercessory prayer. The mysteries of Ptah were more to do with the manipulation of subtle forces and energies, and I was trained in such. Although I had to leave that order at one time, when I was older I returned to my native land and worked in the temple of Ra as a mystic.

To be considered as an Adept I had to show I was able. My initiation to that level showed I was able to be trusted with immense power. But the power was not mine by birthright as a natural power, as belonging to me, but I was trained in the use of power from around me.

An analogy – and a poor analogy at that – of your own time would be if you were trained as an actor or orator. Your natural power of voice would reach so far and your modulation of voice would show your natural power, with training, to sway people and make them believe all manner of things. But if you wish to reach a larger audience or one further away, you have to employ amplification and then even transmission in order to reach the distance. So it was in my time and in my use of my gifts. It is one thing to use the natural powers of your mind to reach out astrally or telepathically to any place or person on this earth instantaneously in thought but it is another thing altogether to reach the stars.

Just as visitation can come to us, so we could reach them, and the technology that we used amplified and carried our natural ability many, many, many fold in order to reach these far distances. What was the main instrument that was at our disposal? I am sure you have guessed – the great pyramid of Cheops.

I have spoken before to you about shape and material, and in my view – but of course I am biased – but in my view there cannot be a greater example of using these than in the great pyramid. Its placing in the land of Egypt was fortuitous to a large degree for if you place the land mass of the world ‘opened out’ with Egypt at the centre, you will find there is almost an equal mass of land all around – it is at the centre. Then there is its orientation to north and south; its shape to maximise geomantic energies; its geometry and ratios, size and harmonics – all are involved. Added to that there are the special properties of the materials used – the limestone and the granite and, above all, what you do not see today – the capstones. Notice I say capstones – not singular – but capstones of gold and crystal which meant that the focus of energy in what is now known as the King’s chamber was astronomic.

At its centre was the granite coffin shaped sarcophagus. This was where the initiate would lie, after tremendous preparation beforehand and with a great deal of anxiety and trepidation at the ritual. The person who was there to manipulate these potent energies would lie in the sarcophagus – and that was not really a good name for it!

Of course it was dangerous. More than one person became insane. More than one person died – unable to control those vast energies. The ritual was a little death, it was crossing the abyss, after which you become known as an adept. That first time was itself the initiation rite and from then on that would be one role the adept would employ. Many times I laid down in that place and reached out to work a magic and to communicate with other intelligence far, far from this earth.

Of course we could not contain all the stories and rumours of what took place. In fact we often encouraged those rumours, especially when someone died, hence the ‘sarcophagus’ and ‘burial chamber’ as it then became know over time.  It followed that it was conceit of more than one Pharaoh to think that they could use that place for their own burial.

Twice to my knowledge we had to safeguard that instrument as the land became either overrun or untenable and uncontrollable, so the capstones were dismantled and removed. This was to safeguard us all, because to leave that instrument in the hands of ignorant people or especially knowledgeable people of sworn enmity, would have been sheer foolishness.

But just as a visitation from afar is interpreted or seen as a humanoid type extra-terrestrial so although I went in my knowledge as a human I was perceived, even by those who were expecting and knowledgeable, in their own frame of reference. I must have looked quite weird – to my way of thinking. But in the thought, the sentiment is delivered. It can be understood by totally alien intelligences.

In all my dealings I never once had anything to do with aggression.  Where there is intelligence there can be communication, there can be peace and a sharing of wisdom. They do communicate here but it is usually only psychics or sensitive people who perceive these visitations. Also, because what we now have here is false expectation, they are clouded, cloaked or interpreted in these false expectations – much to our shame.

Visitations?  Yes.  A form of UFO – perhaps.