Astrology for Healers and Therapists – October 2020

Before I look at this month’s charts I must point out that the interpretation is mainly for therapists dealing with problematic situations. That is why I seem to emphasise the problem or negative side of life rather than the positive. Of course the charts indicate a general situation but the leaning must be for those clients or patients who are struggling in some way.

First do please note that the following is using the WESTERN FOUR ELEMENT system based in western magical and astrological understanding. The individual therapist must make the translation to the Eastern Five Element system that is usual in Shiatsu and Acupuncture theory. If you have forgotten the explanation about Elemental and Modal make up then do refresh your memory by looking back at the Introduction to Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I look at the charts for the Sundays in October when the Sun is nearing the mid heaven for that day. Obviously this is for Haye Mill, so you will have to accept the approximation for your own geographical position but the interpretation should not vary too much from this one. It is a way of following the general trends throughout the month. Notice there are 4 Sundays in this month once again.

Last month began with a degree of tolerance but ended with raging frustration and angst.  What is likely to happen now?

The week beginning the 4th October

The bundle still dominates the chart.  Mercury has lost its challenge to the bundle but the Sun has taken that challenge up.  However the T-Square has disappeared for now.  Saturn has turned forwards through the heavens again but Pluto is standing still!

Cardinal 5 – Fixed 3 – Mutable 2

Fire 1 – Earth 6 – Air 1 – Water 2

Fixed has lost a sign to Mutable and both Fire and Air have lost one sign respectively to Earth.

With such a sudden surge of Earth signs and Pluto held in the centre of the bundle and static, I somehow think something is going to break.  Tolerance is extremely fragile and tempers are on very short fuses this week.  No one is going to budge and heels are dug in.

Counsellors – It might be possible to guide Clients to those revelation points.  Sudden understanding is a distinct possibility so do your best without compromising professionalism.

Healers – The predominance of Earth element shows once again that a very positive source of healing is available if you can get in touch with it.  Too much of a good thing could be destructive, though.

The week beginning 11th October

There are two T-Squares emerging.  The one on the Moon with Uranus and Mercury will be temporary but the one on the bundle with the Sun and Mars base spells trouble.  Venus has formed a line of ease with Mercury.  Pluto has resumed a forwards motion through the heavens.

The Modal scene is unchanged from last week but Earth has lost to Fire.  

Cardinal 5 – Fixed 3 – Mutable 2

Fire 2 – Earth 5 – Air 1 – Water 2

The weekend is the dangerous time and emotions are likely to erupt in anger.  However the underlying angst of the bundle is going to dictate the changing situation with major change on the way.  The power of the bundle will not be containable.

Counsellors –All manner of imagined hurt and slights will dominate proceedings.  Most will be unfounded or viewed in an extreme light, so do your best to ground Clients.  Reality can be a subjective experience.

Healers – The healing energy is less extreme but still very strong.  It is less likely to run away in a destructive manner so this week could lead to breakthrough in those stubborn cases.

The week beginning 18th October

The two lines of ease formed by Venus last week have disappeared.  However Venus has formed a very positive line of ease to the bundle despite forming a challenge to Neptune.  The bundle still dominates within its T-Square.  Mercury has turned retrograde.

The Modal scene is still unchanged but Fire has lost a sign to Water.

Cardinal 5 – Fixed 3 – Mutable 2

Fire 1 – Earth 5 – Air 1 – Water 3

The Moon looks to bring reconciliation at the weekend but that underlying tension is not going away.  There could be a degree of deceit or compromising of principles to facilitate progress but it still looks to be a sticky plaster job at this stage.

Counsellors – Don’t stop trying.  Defences will continue to be so strong but there are cracks appearing now.

Healers – Some of the progress of last week seems to be suddenly coming to a stop.  It will be puzzling in the extreme.

The week beginning 25th October  

The T-Square has died away as the Sun and Mercury become conjunct and lose the base with Mars.  The Sun has now entered Scorpio.  The challenge between Venus and Neptune has died away.

Fixed have gained a sign from Cardinal whilst the Elemental scene is unchanged from last week.    

Cardinal 4 – Fixed 4 – Mutable 2

Fire 1 – Earth 5 – Air 1 – Water 3


Counsellors – There is such an atmosphere of relief that I wonder if any serious work will get done this week.  It has been a strain!

Healers – Everything seems to grind to a halt.  Don’t try too hard.  It just isn’t possible to do anything else but go with the flow.