Astrology for Healers and Therapists – October 2023

Before I look at this month’s charts I must point out that the interpretation is mainly for therapists dealing with problematic situations. That is why I seem to emphasise the problem or negative side of life rather than the positive. Of course the charts indicate a general situation but the leaning must be for those clients or patients who are struggling in some way.

First do please note that the following is using the WESTERN FOUR ELEMENT system based in western magical and astrological understanding. The individual therapist must make the translation to the Eastern Five Element system that is usual in Shiatsu and Acupuncture theory. If you have forgotten the explanation about Elemental and Modal make up then do refresh your memory by looking back at the Introduction to Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I look at the charts for the Sundays in October when the Sun is nearing the mid heaven for that day. Obviously this is for Haye Mill, so you will have to accept the approximation for your own geographical position but the interpretation should not vary too much from this one. It is a way of following the general trends throughout the month. Notice there are 5 Sundays in this month once again.

Last month started with a surplus of honesty but quickly degenerated into the usual lies and deception.

The week beginning the 1st October

There are still 5 planets moving retrograde, all in the bottom right corner of the chart.  Notice the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn seem to be unaspected, with last week’s Sun aspects moving to Mercury.  There is quite a balance to the chart.

Cardinal has lost a sign to Fixed whilst the Elemental scene is unchanged from last week. 

Cardinal 3 – Fixed 4 – Mutable 3

Fire 1 – Earth 5 – Air 2 – Water 2

The conscious seems totally oblivious to the underlying subconscious motivations and behaviour of deception.

Counsellors – you could well be banging your head against a brick wall for although you might see through the deception, you will be unable to challenge successfully so your Client sees it as well.

Healers – There is a strong healing energy this week, however it is more effective when dealing with psychosomatic situations. 

The week beginning 8th October

The balance is shattered as the opposition between Neptune and Mercury shifts to between Venus and Saturn.  The Sun and Jupiter are still seemingly unaspected.  Mars no longer has a line of ease with Venus but has a weak one with Saturn.  Mercury only has a fleeting line of ease with the Moon.  Venus no longer challenges Uranus, which in turn no longer has its line of ease with Mercury.

Cardinal regains a sign from Fixed, but Earth has lost two signs, one to Fire and the other  to Air.

Cardinal 4– Fixed 3– Mutable 3

Fire 2 – Earth 3 – Air 3 – Water 2      

Deception turns a nasty turn and becomes quite vicious this week.  There could well be a punch up with justifications loudly proclaimed afterwards.

Counsellors – Don’t get caught in the crossfire.  A professional distancing has its advantages.

Healers – you have lost the easy energy this week, although the whole scene is much more balanced.  Things will work out but you have to put a bit more into making it work as you would like.

The week beginning 15th October

The Sun is conjunct with Mercury but they, like Jupiter, are isolated from the rest of the chart.  Pluto is no longer retrograde and the line of ease held between Saturn and Mars is strengthened and joined by the Moon.

The Modal scene remains unchanged this week but Fire has lost its signs, one to Earth and the other to Water.

Cardinal 4 – Fixed 3 – Mutable 3

Fire 0 – Earth 4 – Air 3 – Water 3

Although there is not likely to be an open admission to the past deception, there is quite a subconscious urge towards truth and honest dealings once again.

Counsellors – a more fruitful week should result with Clients at least beginning to accept personal responsibility again.  Don’t overdo the challenge.

Healers – The dearth of Fire is probably becoming more and more of a problem.  Watch out for Heart and Small Intestine meridian related problems.

The week beginning 22nd October 

There are no unaspected planets this week as Jupiter forms a line of ease with Venus and a slight opposition to Mars.  Saturn has a strong line of ease to the Sun / Mercury conjunction but they in turn are challenged by Pluto and the Moon.

Cardinal has lost two signs to Fixed whilst Air has lost a sign to Water.

Cardinal 2 – Fixed 5 – Mutable 3

Fire 0 – Earth 4 – Air 2 – Water 4

Although there may be a sense of self-righteousness unfortunately outward personas will get a battering as deception comes to light. It also looks as if those same people feel obliged to dig their proverbial heels in and make justification.

Counsellors – Clients will be far more open this week but egos are also likely to be very sore.  Self-recrimination can be quite therapeutic and cathartic.

Healers – Energy is quite stuck this week as things have declined in efficacy.  Don’t despair but don’t expect too much.

The week beginning 29th October

Saturn has suddenly become unaspected, so the line of ease and challenging aspect have both disappeared from the Sun bundle.  The opposition of this bundle to Jupiter and the Moon is very strong.  There is also a weak opposition between Venus and Neptune.

Cardinal has lost a further sign to Fixed whilst Air has lost both signs, one to Earth and the other to Water.

Cardinal 1 – Fixed 6 – Mutable 3

Fire 0 – Earth 5 – Air 0 – Water 5

Recriminations and justification is the name of the game this week.  It will dominate all proceedings at all levels of life.

Counsellors – Clients will be closed this week, almost as a reaction from last week.

Healers – Energy is quite stuck this week as never before.  It will be quite an experience.

Fun and games at the end of this month again!