Astrology for Healers and Therapists – August 2020

Before I look at this month’s charts I must point out that the interpretation is mainly for therapists dealing with problematic situations. That is why I seem to emphasise the problem or negative side of life rather than the positive. Of course the charts indicate a general situation but the leaning must be for those clients or patients who are struggling in some way.

First do please note that the following is using the WESTERN FOUR ELEMENT system based in western magical and astrological understanding. The individual therapist must make the translation to the Eastern Five Element system that is usual in Shiatsu and Acupuncture theory. If you have forgotten the explanation about Elemental and Modal make up then do refresh your memory by looking back at the Introduction to Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I look at the charts for the Sundays in August when the Sun is nearing the mid heaven for that day. Obviously this is for Haye Mill, so you will have to accept the approximation for your own geographical position but the interpretation should not vary too much from this one. It is a way of following the general trends throughout the month. Notice there are 5 Sundays in this month once again.

The tension built up more and more over last month leaving a decidedly fragile situation towards the end.  Can people hold on or will there be tears?

The week beginning the 2nd August

The Moon has moved round to join the bundle in Capricorn making a very strong T-Square with the pressure on Mars in its own sign of Aries.  There are very few blue lines of ease to dissipate the pressure.

Cardinal 6 – Fixed 2 – Mutable 2

Fire 2 – Earth 5 – Air 1 – Water 2

The Modal scene is unchanged from last week but Air has lost a sign to Earth.

It looks as if the fragile situation of last week is likely to blow.  The pressure cannot be contained and tempers ready to fire.

Counsellors – Tempers are not going to be restrained if they blow so tread very carefully and try to diffuse situations if possible.  Mindfulness may be a dirty word to some but might help others.

Healers – All the energy is going to go into defence – big time, so don’t expect great things this week.

The week beginning 9th August

Mercury has moved into Leo.  Venus seems unaspected.  The T-Square is momentarily suspended as the challenge from Mercury to Mars has gone as has the opposition of Mercury to the bundle, but with the Moon joining Mars the challenge is still extreme.  Neptune’s line of ease with Mercury has evaporated.   Mercury now also challenges Uranus.

Cardinal 6 – Fixed 3 – Mutable 1

Fire 4 – Earth 4 – Air 0 – Water 2

Mutable has lost a sign to Cardinal and both Air and Earth have lost a sign each to Fire.  

Emotions are going to be raw and open.  How this works on the national/world level I have no idea, but relationships are going to be tried to the limit.

Counsellors –if you put a foot wrong this week you are likely to lose your Client.  Professional detachment has its place.

Healers – a dynamic energetic scene with little Air to be found.  Results could be exciting or disastrous.

The week beginning 16th August

The T-Square is back again just at the weekend.  Mercury and the Sun are conjunct.  Venus is now aspected well with Uranus and Uranus has turned retrograde.

Cardinal 6 – Fixed 3 – Mutable 1

Fire 3 – Earth 4 – Air 0 – Water 3

The Modal scene is still unchanged but Fire has lost a sign to Water.

We are back to a fated situation.  The tensions and pressures have brought people to a crossroads where true charismatic leadership will be their only saving grace.

Counsellors – no shrinking back from your professional duty this week.  Challenge where appropriate and delight in the progress Clients make.

Healers – Although there is still little sign of Air the balance is palpable and usable.  A very positive healing situation.

The week beginning 23th August

Both the Sun and Mercury have moved into Virgo and Mercury has formed a line of ease with Uranus instead of Venus.  Although Venus has moved into opposition to Jupiter it has also formed a line of ease with Neptune.

Cardinal 5 – Fixed 2 – Mutable 3

Fire 1 – Earth 6 – Air 0 – Water 3

Both Cardinal and Fixed have lost a sign each to Mutable and Fire has lost two signs to Earth.    

After the emotional outburst of last week psyches and personal face need space to recover.  Phew.

Counsellors – Keep your distance and apply the balm where needed.

Healers –From the dynamic to full stop.  There is little energy around to do anything.

The week beginning 30th August

The T-Square has appeared again and Mars continues to take the pressure.  Notice Mercury is now in opposition to Neptune but has formed lines of ease to the gradually opening bundle.

Cardinal 5 – Fixed 2 – Mutable 3

Fire 1 – Earth 6 – Air 1 – Water 2

The Modal scene is unchanged this week but Water has lost a sign to Air.   

Face saving may well involve deception and lies but the outbursts of the past are much muted for now. 

Counsellors – it is a healthier environment this week.  You should be able to resume normal practice!

Healers – Although there is still very little energy and subsequent movement, there is the beginnings of Air input once again.  You should be able to work on the Heart / Triple Heater and the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians again.  They will certainly need looking at.

With the Moon racing round the heavens this month exacerbating the underlying situation we have seen some momentous ups and downs, flips and arguments.