Astrology for Healers and Therapists – August 2021

Before I look at this month’s charts I must point out that the interpretation is mainly for therapists dealing with problematic situations. That is why I seem to emphasise the problem or negative side of life rather than the positive. Of course the charts indicate a general situation but the leaning must be for those clients or patients who are struggling in some way.

First do please note that the following is using the WESTERN FOUR ELEMENT system based in western magical and astrological understanding. The individual therapist must make the translation to the Eastern Five Element system that is usual in Shiatsu and Acupuncture theory. If you have forgotten the explanation about Elemental and Modal make up then do refresh your memory by looking back at the Introduction to Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I look at the charts for the Sundays in August when the Sun is nearing the mid heaven for that day. Obviously this is for Haye Mill, so you will have to accept the approximation for your own geographical position but the interpretation should not vary too much from this one. It is a way of following the general trends throughout the month. Notice there are 5 Sundays in this month once again.

There were some lessons learnt last month as consequences of bad decisions took hold.  Towards the end of the month there was a period of introspection as people took stock of recent changes and events.

The week beginning the 1st August

There are several changes from last week.  Mars has moved into Virgo, Mercury into Leo, and Jupiter into Aquarius.  Venus no longer challenges Jupiter and has formed a line of ease with Uranus.  The Sun/Mercury conjunction has moved its challenge from Pluto to Saturn.  Mercury has lost its line of ease with Neptune  and now challenges Uranus.  There is a small transitory trine formed by Pluto, Neptune and the Moon at the weekend but a T-Square on Uranus with the base line of the Sun/Mercury and Saturn. 

Cardinal 1 – Fixed 6 – Mutable 3

Fire 2 – Earth 5 – Air 2 – Water 1

Cardinal has lost a sign to Fixed whilst Water has lost two signs to Earth.

It looks as if there is a hardening of hearts and a growing determination not to be swayed into any rash decision or to go against self interests.

Counsellors – It may seem that some of your good work has been overturned by circumstances.  I would be well to remind Clients that it is always their decisions and not your ‘advice’ that they have taken on.

Healers –it looks as if you are entering a time of slog or hard work to make any changes.  Rest assured any therapy is worthwhile.

The week beginning 8th August

Venus has formed a line of ease with Pluto and a challenge to Neptune.  Mercury has formed a challenge to Jupiter.  The T-Square still dominates the chart.  Mars is unaspected.

Cardinal 1 – Fixed 6 – Mutable 3

Fire 3 – Earth 4 – Air 2 – Water 1

The Modal scene is still unchanged from last week, but Earth has given a sign to Fire.   

Stances taken last week are even more entrenched.  It is more a time of dogged silences than hot anger shown.

Counsellors –As defences have built you will seem to make even less progress this week with your Clients.

Healers –– Although the Earth element is less this week it has an overwhelming effect to be countered.  Not being able to stomach situations is not just a turn of phrase.  Watch out for problems with the Stomach and Spleen meridians.

The week beginning 15th August

Mercury has moved into Virgo and no longer challenges Jupiter.  Venus no longer challenges Neptune nor does it has its line of ease with Uranus.  Mars and Mercury have formed a line of ease with Uranus.  The Sun no longer challenges Saturn.  The T-Square of the last two weeks has gone but replaced with a transitory one on the Moon with the base of the Sun and Jupiter.  

Cardinal 1 – Fixed 5 – Mutable 4 

Fire 1 – Earth 5 – Air 2 – Water 2

Fixed has lost a sign to Mutable but Fire has lost two signs as both Earth and Water gain one each. 

It looks to be a most uncomfortable week end emotionally although some degree of acceptance of other’s viewpoints is on the cards.

Counsellors – there is wriggle room to be utilised with your Clients if you can find it.  Don’t be too optimistic though.

Healers – What gains you might have made recently seem to be lost this week.  The imbalance with Earth predominating has returned to the fore again.

The week beginning 22nd August 

Of course the T-Square has disappeared and now Venus has moved into Virgo and changed the line of ease from Pluto to Saturn.  Uranus has turned retrograde.   Mercury and Mars conjunction challenges Neptune.

Cardinal 2– Fixed 5– Mutable 3

Fire 1 – Earth 4 – Air 4 – Water 1

Cardinal has gained a sign from Mutable whilst Water and Earth have both given one sign each to Air.

Somebody is beginning to think things through at last, which results in a far more stable situation all round.  The Fated nature to things is also shinning through although how people interpret that is another matter.

Counsellors – You should be able to move your Clients on to making decisions – if they have got to that stage.  The erratic nature of Uranus is muted to a very large degree this week.

Healers – – the elemental balance may be lacking in Fire and Water but the result is a stable platform to work from.

The week beginning 29th August   

The Sun has moved into Virgo and is no longer challenging Jupiter.  It has only a very temporary aspect of challenge to the Moon.  Mercury is apparently unaspected.  Saturn is also apparently unaspected.  Jupiter has a temporary challenge to the Moon.  There is a short lived Grand Trine at the weekend with the Moon, Pluto and Mars.

Cardinal 2– Fixed 4– Mutable 4

Fire 0 – Earth 6 – Air 3 – Water 1

Fixed has lost a sign to Mutable, Fire has lost its only sign and as Air has lost one sign so Earth has gained two.

With so many planets going retrograde and four virtually unaspected, it looks as if the weekend could be a most significant time.  It is as if everything stops and waits before making some momentous decision.

Counsellors – Once the weekend is past then you might have your work cut out helping Clients make sense of what they have experienced.  It looks to be a very positive time.

Healers – Despite the lack of Fire and dearth of Water, the elemental platform is still very stable.  You should be able to work very well with this.

This looks to be an exciting development.