Astrology for Healers and Therapists

There is a great chance of over simplifying the following to the point of being too simplistic, but let me explain in a general way how a chart may be applied for therapists and healers in their work.

First do please note that the following is using the WESTERN FOUR ELEMENT system based in western magical and astrological understanding. The individual therapist must make the translation to the Eastern Five Element system that is usual in Shiatsu and Acupuncture theory, although I refer to this when writing of meridians.

The elemental makeup present affects everyone in some way or other. A detailed analysis of how this applies to individuals would require the individual’s natal chart at hand to compare the transitions and interplay, but generally, if the major element present is that of Earth then the counsellor/therapist would be confronted with a dominant trend of solidity, perseverance, strength and grounding or ‘stuck-ness’, blindness, intransigence and entrenchment. The aspects to the relevant planets would indicate as to whether the ‘earthing’ is of a positive or a negative influence. Similarly a healer/therapist would experience more geomantic or earth energy in the healing environment or the earth related body meridians to have either a strong flow or an over abundant flow of energy, once again the aspects indicate whether the trend is a positive or a negative one.

Exactly the same kind of approach can be adopted if the major element present is that of Water. In this instance the counsellor/therapist might be confronted with a situation that shows emotional strength or depths to their clients, or a display of emotions that cloud the objective stance or self awareness necessary to help sort things out – the aspects to these relevant planets indicating which way the influence is being experienced. Similarly the healer/therapist would be aware of more water or chi energy in the environment or the water element body meridians strongly flowing or overly so, and once again the aspects show which way the interpretation lies.

If the major element is that of Air, then in this case the counsellor/therapist would have to contend with either a very logical approach as in a ‘ticking of boxes’ evaluation of any situation or a refusal to look deeper at the emotional or spiritual implications under question. The healer/therapist would have abundant pranic energy at hand to use or the air element meridians strong or over strong.

Lastly if the major element is that of Fire, then here the counsellor/therapist might have someone who is full of enthusiasm and personal energy, ready to work at the greatest challenge, or to deal with a person who just cannot stand still and relax or perhaps be confronted with a potentially explosive situation to deal with, tempers ready to let fly at the slightest provocation or anticipated insult. Likewise in this elemental situation the healer/therapist might experience something more akin to prayer and benevolent synchronicity or curses and a fated disaster. Always the indication as to whether the overall experience is one of a positive or negative nature is shown by the strength and kind of aspects between the relevant planets amongst themselves and to the rest of the chart.

Needless to say any combination of the above might be present depending upon the relative strengths of the elemental spread.

Although the above is written specifically for counsellors and therapists, the astrological situation is indicative for everyone, regardless of any therapy being undertaken, so any of the following can be applied to yourself – to some degree.

Please note that for legal reasons I am obligued to state that the following is to be considered for entertainment purposes, no matter what your belief system may be.