August Newsletter – Alas for Lammas

Hello Everyone

Lammas is one of the old fashioned Lady Days (Quarter days) of Accounting but is the far older festival of First Fruits in the Old Religion.  It was a major festival but after almost being forgotten is only beginning to grow in prominence amongst New Agers once again.  However, I am beginning to wonder if it is a misnomer today.  Alas for Lammas.

As Climate change is becoming more obvious as the years go by, perhaps it ought to be renamed!  The harvest, for some produce, is almost past and cannot be thought of as First Fruits any more.  The whole season of Summer has started a good three weeks or more earlier than of years gone by, with hedgerow plants maturing almost a month early, some vegetables being traumatised by unseasonal weather, and even some cereal crops harvested and fields resown! 

As a society we have lost sight of the importance of harvest.  If it wasn’t for imports this country would starve in a matter of weeks or possibly days.  So with transport costs escalating, let alone energy bills and general living expenses, many people are having to use food banks now as a matter of course.  What are we doing to the planet?  Where is all this heading?

Our spring water drinking supply is nearly drying up and our power from the water wheel greatly reduced.  Things are looking a bit bleak at the moment.

As a matter of interest – I was asked recently if I use the ‘Planting by the Moon’ chart on our website myself.  I confess that other factors usually take precedence such as available time, weather conditions and priorities, but I do take note and try to take it into account.  For example I was given two trays of kale seedlings but I only had time to plant one tray in the prepared bed and left the other for a few days later.  The first tray was planted out on a ‘leaf’ day and the second a ‘root’ day.  Perhaps the soil conditions were different even though they are adjacent beds, but compare the two results.  It makes you think.

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Happy Lammas Day