August Newsletter – Hope and Faith

Hello Everyone

Words are the tools of my trade.  I might not be able to spell very well but I do love word definitions and conveying my message as simply as possible in words that everyone can understand.  That is why I pondered a bit about the difference between the meaning of ‘hope’ and ‘faith’.  I don’t mean Faith as in a religious persuasion or way of life, but faith as in faith in a person, idea or project.

Trust also comes into all of this somewhere, for we may trust our partner is faithful but hope that that trust is never tested. Play on words? Perhaps, but let me concrete some of this in real life terms.

One example of this is Jim putting his ‘faith’ in sky-hooks. 

There is nothing at the top of the ladder that the ladder is resting upon!  He is relying on the knots of a rope holding the ladder against the trailer that they will take his weight.  It is a greater concept than hope – it is faith.

Then we have Jim felling a tree and the ‘hope’ is that he has got it right this time.  Past experience has shown this is not always the case, so my lack of faith is shown by me standing a long way away to take the picture.

In Counselling it is important to aim for clarity and a positive outcome.  Many a person will come to a Counsellor in hope that things will improve, but so often it is a forlorn hope in that the Counsellor will somehow ‘fix’ things or tell them what to do to make everything better; wave a magic wand.  What  they are not prepared for is the revelation that they have to do the ‘something’, to do the work for themselves, and the Counsellor is there to facilitate this.  They would rather have faith in the Counsellor than faith in themselves.

On a grander scale, but applying that same principle, I would think that we all might hope for a future that is approaching past normality but I have very little faith in the ‘powers that be’ to bring that about and magic the virus away.  I believe it is more a necessity that each of us does our own bit, use our commonsense and socially distance still, and not rely on others to do the work and thinking for us.  The vaccines are turning the tide on the pandemic but Covid is here to stay and we must all find a way to live with that.

The usual updates are there – Planing by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a safe and great month