Chinaman believes in the doctrine of Reincarnation rather than a single lifetime with eternal consequences, although his concept of that doctrine is not necessarily as generally taught.   He alludes to this doctrine in his answer.   Not everyone will agree with him!


Question:  Can we create our own Reality?

The concept of creating our own reality by will power, prayer and magic is a well worn concept of the New Age philosophy.   By these means we endeavour to bring into existence or manifest our dreams and visions.   Chinaman throws concern over this concept and adds his own insight and viewpoint.   He does not give advice as to how this can be achieved!


Chinaman:   You wanted to know something of creating one’s own reality.


Hattie:   Yes, I am very interested in that.


Chinaman:   My initial thought was that I was challenged, for how was I to try to encapsulate in one session a suitable reply?   However, to do this I would like to seemingly digress for it is a question that most generations grapple with, but in different societies and times they pose the question in different ways.


In my time whilst incarnate, it was a matter of following predecessors in tradition.   We had to ensure our profits grew in a wholesome way within an understanding of the Great Cycles of Life.   We had our responsibilities to uphold our environment as a totality, to be seen as a single moment of the continuing flow of history cycling into the future.   It was a matter of following “Tradition”.


In your own country’s history you fought wars over the question as to whether things were preordained or whether you had the freedom of choice.   Did you create your own reality or did you follow your destiny?


Looking at a Grand Scale of things first, I point out that we do not come back or reincarnate for the haphazard thrill of being incarnate.   Some people would deny it has a thrill!   [I do not know if I have quite the right word – to enjoy the experience – is what I wish to say?]   Certainly there is no haphazard nature to our incarnations.   There is a progression or a working out of the Law of Karma, or a reaping of what we sow.   It is an incredible concept to acknowledge; that things left over from one lifetime can influence things in another lifetime following.   But if you have some recall, if you can remember something of some of the incarnations that you have had previously, you can see this progression.   You will also be aware that although societies throughout time are very different, because human nature is still the same the spiritual lessons are also still essentially the same in each society.   Things need to be worked out again and again until they are fully grasped, and in that sense there is no creating of one’s reality for you are following a preordained, fated itinerary within your life.


The complexity is so bewildering.   Consider the people you relate to.     Where there is a strong relationship, either comfortable or uncomfortable, then these are undoubtedly the people who you related to in the past in some way or other.   There is a continuing working out of karma or justice between you until such matters are settled.   How is it that you meet in this lifetime and will continue to meet in more lifetimes to come?   The chances of this happening by chance are insignificant or astronomically against.   So it is that you are fated to meet despite your seeming choices.   You will meet.   You will work things out between yourselves and lessons will be learnt until everything is settled.


I will come back to this point.


On the other hand, if you are not in charge of your life, then what are you doing here?   If you have no responsibility because all decisions are made for you then there is no point to your existence.   Where is your human dignity if there is no responsibility?   There are so many people in your time that blame society, the government and the place for their lot.   In many ways they are anarchists as a consequence.   They opt out of any responsibility by laying the blame on other people.   In my view they become “barbaric”.   It is only when a person accepts responsibility for their own life that dignity and a mature character can grow.   But this point seems to be at odds with the previous one.


I reconcile the two views by saying that in our scope of understanding, within this incarnation, there is a limited range of choice.   For example because of the physical person that you are you cannot do some things because of the restrictions of your stature.   You are unable to be the strong man of the circus if you are a small spindly lad.   And within those physical restrictions you have a responsibility as to how you use or abuse your bodies.   This is most important for you can idly waste your time or you can be constructive.   You can be careful; you can consider your motivations and other aspects of your being; consider your health or put that health at risk in some way.   And what is true of the physical is true at other levels of being as well.


There remains a range of choice but that range is limited, not just by your physical bodies but by your circumstances, by your emotional profile, by your intelligence and by your spiritual maturity.   The karmic choices, therefore, are choices no longer but limits set to your activity.   And within those limits you can create your own reality for this incarnation.


It would seem that human nature, being essentially lazy, adopts the most comfortable course of action.   Therefore if there are apparent choices, we are predisposed to take a particular course of action – that which is most comfortable.   Therefore first thinking of things on an emotional level, if something causes us disquiet emotionally we are not likely to embrace it unless there are other factors at work.   However we know that if we are to overcome certain obvious emotional weaknesses or problems then we have to face these things, to tackle them rather than to run away.     And once we do this we seem to gather around our selves that which focuses us upon the problems.


I do not really know if I should use this example but let me borrow this from John’s life for there was an emotional problem concerning, not just women, but emotionally intense women and red headed women.     You understand Sylvia, my reluctance to divulge this.   Rather than run away from such uncomfortable situations John decided to grasp that particular nettle.   From that moment on it appeared he was forever meeting such people until he had resolved his emotional problem and could accept or cope with the situation.   He had made a choice and consequently created his own reality to deal with it.


If we ask to grow concerning “patience” we find ourselves in situations that demand patience.   If we are “unforgiving” then the situations reflect intolerance and demand understanding until we are almost forced to accept such things.   The mechanics of this are mystical for it would appear that with our choosing to grow we are creating our own reality, having to overcome such things within a limit of our ability.


We have therefore no reason to cry about things happening within this incarnation.   It is up to us not only to look at our lives, to make such decisions concerning them but also to see the opportunities, the lessons that are coming our way.


If we look at the four areas of your incarnational being, the physical has very limited choice indeed.   If you are hungry then it becomes an overpowering thing to eat, to satisfy these physical appetites.   Emotionally there is more in your power and it seems to be a battleground of whether you accept the lessons or reject them – just what you do with them.   In such situations intellectually or rationally there is but little power exercised for you make your decisions in good faith, say, to put down the cream bun, but you will find something else to nibble!   You make your decision in good faith to face that problem but some other priority takes your attention.   It takes a person of enormous will power to do anything else.


When you embrace the spiritual, then your choices and your creative ability changes dramatically.   It is not as if you are taken out of your incarnation and changed into someone else, but your range of choices open up.   Then there are resources within linked to your – I do not like the word “higher” self so I say – your “perfect” self which strengthens that resolve, which stimulates the emotions and which can change direction for the physical.   So to get in touch with that spiritual dimension is important if you wish to take more control of your life, to take responsibility, and to grow.


It would seem that the opposing ideas of karma and creativity are highlighted even more when the spiritual dimension is embraced, but the way to resolve this possible contradiction is to return to the question of reincarnation and karma that I left earlier.   If we look at an incarnation as a single event, with no connection with any other incarnation, then indeed life is exceedingly unfair and fickle.   In the teaching stories of my early life I learnt of the prince and the beggar as the usual example.   No matter how much the beggar would like to change or create a better lifestyle, due to all manner of constraint, he is unable to do this.   And if the prince is fulfilling his role within society he can no more think of giving up his position and become a beggar, without all manner of misery and consequence being visited upon other members of his family.   Life would appear to be very unfair.


But if the connection can be seen between one incarnation and another, and if it is the “perfect” potential – potentially perfect – that is looking for growth, then indeed the perfect self is willing to embrace or even seek after, not only to be the prince but also to be the beggar, at some time or other.   Personal choice by the perfect self is therefore resting within the individual; so how can you blame anyone else if you choose to be the beggar if that is what you need to be in order to grow over a number of incarnations?   You cannot blame anybody but yourself.   Therefore even at the incarnational super height level you are still choosing and creating your own reality.   The dilemma is no dilemma, if viewed as these different kinds of choice and limitation.


Does this answer your question Hattie?


Hattie:   Yes, thank you, you have given me a lot to think about.   The word acceptance comes up for me quite strongly.


Chinaman:   To understand what needs to be grasped or embraced is so important if you are to first accept things and to change in order to grow.


Babs:   I like what comes through, for you have been saying that at every level we have responsibility.


Chinaman:   At every level of incarnation and at every level within each incarnation we have that responsibility.   We have also accepted our own limitations within each incarnation.   Now can you see how complex things are when you regard the interrelationships with other people, other perfect selves, and with the changing society?   Remember this is not just about your own kingdom of human beings but the overall growth of this planet.


However it is possible to focus upon every level of our being and to see what is required for growth and how each level of that being is, of course, affected by other levels.   As I say, to be in touch with the spiritual gives a far greater range of choice and ability to change.   A strong willed person may be deflected into other avenues and use their strength of will in a more positive way because of an insight, but even that can do little against an emotional need without the strength of spirit.     So it is of little relevance as to whether we can change the world around us by magic, prayer, Will Power or extremely hard physical work, – which of course is possible – the responsibility for ourselves rests with ourselves, even over the incarnations.


Do I need to continue on this one Hattie – or anyone?


Hattie:   No, thank you for talking so clearly.