What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is a form of vibrational or energy healing.


As human beings we have an energy field surrounding us called the aura and lines of energy on the body called meridians.  When our energies are out of harmony we can become ill.  The introduction of the stable and unique vibration of a crystal’s energy into our system can help to restore balance.  Crystal Healing is the laying out of crystals on or around the body, for a crystal has a healing ability of its own.  The skill of the Crystal Healer lies in choosing the right crystal or crystals for you as the client.

What can I expect in a Crystal Healing?

Your first visit will include a confidential consultation with your healer.  She or he will ask you why you have come for a crystal healing.  Your healer will want to know more about you than just the main reason for your visit as she will be treating the whole person.  It is equally as important to know how you are coping physically, emotionally and mentally as well as spiritually.


You will then be asked to lie down or sit down (fully clothed) and specific crystals placed on or around your body.  Your healer may ask you to hold crystals in your hands.  You may be aware of a tingling sensation or warmth from the crystals as they start to work.  The healing session itself can last up to thirty minutes.


Most clients find that a Crystal Healing session will leave them feeling very calm and relaxed.

How many session will I need?

Your healer will let you know at the end of each session if further healing sessions would be of benefit.  Sometimes one session is sufficient, sometimes more.  As the client you should also be able to tell if you require further healing sessions!


Crystal Healing at the Haye Mill Charity Trust

The Crystal Healer working at Haye Mill is a fully qualified healer with a Diploma in Crystal Healing awarded by The Cornwall School of Crystal Healers.