December Newsletter – ‘Silent Night – or Silent Church’

Hello Everyone

An odd beginning.  And thinking of the Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’ perhaps that should be ‘Silent Church’.

The roles of the Prophets in the Old Testament were varied and various, some of which were epitomised and personified by the first coming of Christ and some made totally redundant by the same.  However, a few of these roles continued into the New Testament, being held by the Elders or Apostles of the early church.  Even fewer continue to the present day as upheld by individuals and leaders of the various denominations in this country. 

One such role of the Prophet was to be a conscience of the Jewish nation, encouraging the people or exhorting them to keep the Faith and uphold the moral/ethical/religious standards that they were expected to keep.  This role is axiomatic for church leaders at any time – or it should be!  I am sorry to say that I have seen so very little evidence of this amongst the clergy, Bishops, Archbishops or Elders of the various denominations this past year of pandemic chaos and fear.

Where is the voice of conscience proclaiming against the merciless treatment of many elderly or generally sick people?  Where is the authoritative denunciation of those MPs and their advisers who broke their own rules of lockdown?  Where is the encouragement and example of putting compassion before trivial and arbitrary rules?  Why hasn’t the priesthood fulfilled this role of being a prophet in our times? The churches didn’t even have anything to say about the heartless and shocking lack of comfort to the bereaved in banning mourners from attending funeral services. It is an appalling omission when it has been so very, very necessary.

It has taken individuals such as a footballer, Marcus Rashford, to shame the government into a U-turn about social care, or the 100 year old Captain Tom to inspire a nation to help those who help us in the caring professions, or the Queen with a singular short message of hope that urged us all to keep faith as it lifted the spirits of the Nation. 

No wonder the church of today is failing for it is the Church of Laodicea (found in the Book of Revelations). A church that was so lukewarm and ineffective that it was to be spewed from the mouth of God.

Getting off my soapbox – News of the Mill – most people think of a hedge as being stone and shrubs, but here at the mill we use roots – and anything else we can get our hands on.  I know ‘driftwood’ roots are supposed to be a valuable sort after commodity amongst flower arrangers but when you have so many lying around rotting it makes sense to make use of them.  They protect the sheds lower down on the slope from the wood slices that we send crashing down from higher up from the fallen trees that we have cut up.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists. And regarding the astrology charts – remember almost a year ago when I saw the awesome ‘something’ for January. I didn’t know what it was and it took a couple of weeks after that date before it became evident that the chart referred to the Covid-190 pandemic. Well at the end of last month I interpreted that last relevant chart as showing a release of tension but didn’t know specifically what it was about. Two weeks later in November there was the news of a vaccine on its way!

Have a safe Advent and hopefully a cheerful Christmas.