December Newsletter – Wrong

Hello Everyone

Well, was I right or was I wrong – or was I in between?

I think I was more wrong than right.  Certainly, at an individual’s level there were many, many instances of horrible happenings, but at an international level there was no single world-shattering event.  Yes, there was the ongoing war in the Ukraine and the strange shenanigans over the retreat from Kherson, and there was the failure of the Climate Conference in Egypt, but that was nothing like the anticipated situation that I believed the chart implied.  It could have been the death of the ten Chinese that were prevented from evacuating the burning block of flats, and the subsequent continuting protest throughout that country.  That is the nearest known example that makes sense, so thank God it looks as if I got it wrong this time.

Things are even becoming quite tough for everyone in the UK and numbers of enquiries for counselling have increased this month.  I have had to give up my idea of retirement for now and have gone back to seeing Clients again.  No rest for the wicked.

One other thing I got wrong was how hot I should let the Rayburn get.  It was a case of ‘Ooops’!  No need to sweep the chimney for a while.

The daffs are up early again this year.  They are making a yearly habit of it.  For a Spring flower it doesn’t seem right for them to be sprouting at the beginning of November.  At this rate they will be showing all year round.

Have a good Christmas.  You will if the chart for that day is anything to go by!!!!!!!!!!!!! There I go again! Sorry.