December Newsletter

Christmas is the season for what?

Hello Everyone

Just what is this season remembered the most for?  It could be the office parties, or sitting in front of the tele, shopping, decorations, food in excess, or piped Christmas carols ad nauseam – especially ‘Silent Night’.  Bah Humbug.

For some people of course it may be the cold, soup kitchens, unwanted relatives, no relatives, past relationships or just loneliness.

You might not realise that it is also the season for counselling – not the actual 25th/26th December, but the run up and the New Year period, for as the expectations and hype grow so does the darkness, the pain and the problems seem to increase.  As a consequence we have a full diary once again this season.

Of course not so many people these days remember the season for the Midnight Mass and the festival of the Birth of Jesus.  As one comment was overheard last year by a passing shopper between two teenage girls looking at a nativity scene in a shop window – “They bring religion into everything these days”.

Just a quick bit of news from the garden – the yurt has had its day as the canvas simply rotted into slime.  Still it could make a great runner bean support. 

And the change of gearbox from expensive conveyor belt machine to cheap tractor monstrosity has been completed.  That is something that is going well at the moment.

The usual updates are there. There is Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a peaceful, happy and meaningful Christmas