“Do Vampires exist?”



That was a question that was voiced quite some time ago, ‘do vampires exist?’


Answer………     No!






I ought to leave it there, but I suppose it requires a longer answer for your society is becoming more and more occupied with imaginary monsters or creatures, and in another way they do exist[!], as do ghouls.  So let me explain.


There are people, very much incarnate, who I would describe as benign ghouls or vampires.  Usually these people are old and they do realise what they are doing, but they draw energy from the living.  Often an old person will hang on to a young child and will not let them go for they are drawing energy – quite unconsciously – from the young person to themselves.


It also happens with the very sick, especially where there is something like cancer or where the life energies are flickering.  Then if someone passes close by, the energy automatically flows to them.  It is a form of healing, but it can be draining for those who are doing the giving, and although they do not know why it happens they just know that they feel exhausted or tired having been in that person’s presence.  Usually they just shake it off.  But that is a type of ghoul behaviour, absorbing life force from those who have it in abundance.


Then there are those people who are not old or ill but still they feed off the energy of others.  This is what I would think more of as a vampire – sucking quite deliberating from others.  Here is the trouble maker; the person who stirs up incidents and drama and feeds off it in a vicarious way.  Actually this is not so much a phenomena these days as it was a few decades ago, for your television soaps have taken its place as people live vicariously from the actors’ drama.  But when they do that in real life, they do indeed draw energy, sucking it quite deliberately, feeding off the situation in the ways of a vampire.  They are malicious people.


It happens also for those who die to the physical plane and do not go on, and again you have both kinds of creature.  The ghoul is that person who is in misery and depression who is more likely to have been a suicide, and they seem to infect the area where they still dwell.  So when the living – and by living I mean the physically incarnate people – when they come into that area they are caught up in the miasma to some degree or other, and they are drained.  Their energies are absorbed by the still present spirit in that ghoulish style again, and again it is usually not consciously done but they are seeking help in some way and energy is given to them.  Usually it feeds their depression, anxiety and fear because they are caught up with themselves, looking inwards and do not understand what is happening.  They are caught in that place for years at a time.


Then there is the one who is more aware of what is happening but still does not go because they are chained by circumstances, by a traumatic event or great jealousy or anger.  They try to impinge their consciousness upon the incarnate of a place and they continue to feed off that event through the resonating emotion of the drama, of anger, of negative emotion.  That is a form of vampirism.


But the phenomenon is not just a monopoly for humankind.  Elementals can also do similar things.  But elementals are usually bound by the place, the type of elemental that they are, and in this case it may not be a negative influence.  The ghoul principle may still be in effect in that if some incarnate person has too much of one kind of energy – of air or of fire energy say, – they may give quite unwittingly to an elemental, giving life to that being, that citizen, that entity.  But in this case it may be to a mutual advantage of both.


However the elemental who is more of the vampire – althought I do not like to think to that extreme – but the mischievous elemental who trips up the unsuspecting human and delights or feeds off the situation, is, in a sense, the vampire.  They are more of an imp, shall we say, no matter what kind of elemental they are.  But it is impish behaviour that is of that vampire principle, feeding on the misfortune of the human victim.


I have not finished yet though, for there are the beings of the angelic order, but because of their behaviour can be thought of as demons rather than angels.  And again both types of creature exist.


First there is the demon that latches on to a person, absorbing their life force, their personality, their spirit.  Isn’t this one way of describing obsession or possession?  This is one who delights in creating mayhem and terrible emotional pain, feeding on that negativity, delighting in it, trying to feed lies through a kind of inspiration just to foster that negative pit, and so draw from it.


Although both kinds are found on the earth plane their natural dwelling place is in the astral planes, not of the celestial heavens but those more of hellish dominion, which I have already spoken of once before. In these circumstances, human kind, even those they have passed on, give of their life force in a ghoulish fashion or a vampire fashion to such denizens.


So it was not such a silly question to ask or to answer.  No, there are no ghouls or vampires who are incarnate in the physical sense, sucking blood from humankind or life from humankind, but there are both human and ‘the unseen’, elementals and demonic beings, that fit that kind of role.


But do you have any further questions on that idea?




C….  Just one I think.  How do humankind protect themselves?



Tonata…… Do not rely on garlic!  Concerning the elderly, the sick or the malignant person who tries to stir up trouble on that level, it is by strength of character.  You can protect yourself by exercising both physically and mentally.  Your auric shield, your auric shell, is strengthened this way, and if you are aware of a person draining you, even if that is quite unconsciously, you can hold your energy within yourself.  You do not have to give it.  You can hold your chi or give it freely as a healing.


Concerning the trouble maker, by being firm in your own mind and not altering your behaviour or attitude, their ‘probes’ bounce off, you deny them that pleasure.


However, when we come on to the more psychic or astral side of things, then you must introduce principles of protection – psychic protection – of prayer and spirituality.  For those who are spiritually mature the last category will never exist for them, unless they actually do rescue work in the hells, then that is a very specific specialised work needing specialist forms of protection.  For those who do rescue work on the incarnate level, then it is faith and prayer and exercise and use of symbols which we have spoken several times before.


And what of elementals?  That is usually not a problem.  For those more of the ghoul type of principle it can be of mutual benefit.  For the imp, if you can see them, you can often or not laugh along side them and delight in their company!.


But do not rely on garlic or silver spikes against the demons, for you will not find that kind of creature on the incarnate level at all!



Does that answer your question?