“Do we all have the same challenges in life?”


Chinaman……..Yes! Kind of.

As you are aware Life at the different levels of Being have their challenges – have their point of growth.   If it were not so it would be like holiday time the whole time.   There would be no reason for continuing, no reason to progress.   There would be absolute boredom after a while, which can be no other than a form of hell on earth!   So despite anything that you might say, I am sure that after a time you would welcome challenge!!!

Each level has its challenges, its problems to be faced.   If the physical level has as its main challenge concerning physical things then obviously at the emotion level it is emotional things.   At the rational, mental level it is mental things, and at the spiritual it is spiritual things.

So beginning with the physical level, one very general challenge is the acquisition of physical things – which I spoke about last time.   I shall not repeat myself here, but suffice it to say that if that challenge of not constantly wanting better or bigger things is not met then the individual remains stuck at the most elementary level of being or growth.   The challenge is being able to control physical acquisition and desire of comfort rather than they control you.   The important words are ‘is it necessary?’.

At the emotional level the danger is one of over indulgence, of feelings, of emotion and the resulting colour that this produces in the aura.   It is rather difficult for me to describe in terms that are easily understood, but the nearest I can get to it is like the artist cook or connoisseur for fine taste.   For example if the taste becomes more important than what eating is all about then that person can actually starve themselves because they do not have the correct kind of foods or they become dissatisfied with the commonplace, always wanting that excellence.   They overindulge and anything else is of no consequence.   To enjoy taste is, of course, important – but not at the cost of healthy living or spending all of one’s time over the preparation that goes with it.

Emotion is a part of life.   To block emotion is to block off life with all its richness and marvel.   To only desire a higher delight is to blunt appreciation and devalue life generally.   And it does not matter if that desire to ‘turn up the heat’ is one of delight, fear, drama or terror.

Emotion should be in balance, otherwise the resulting colours of the aura look too vivid or stark, lacking subtlety and range.   There is need for pastel shades and swirling colours of harmony, of light and dark rather than continual brilliance.   The challenge here is to seek a balance of emotion and so value the quiet as well as the stimulation, and to see the world almost through the delighting eyes of a child.   That is emotional maturity and strength.

The challenge at the mental level is more easily understood, for the acquisition of knowledge has been described as the sin of Adam.   That constant thirst for knowledge can become more important than what you do with it, yet knowledge brings responsibility.   If knowledge brings nothing but the desire for more and more knowledge but leaves out compassion and responsibility, then the challenge is missed.   The person becomes all knowing, but dry.   It might appear to be godlike, as Adam was promised, but there is no humanity present, no feeling.   Such a person might have all knowledge but will be quite thoughtless!

The challenge at the spiritual level can be understood as facing the sin of Lucifer.   For Lucifer in your scriptures is, in fact, a child of light and the sin of Lucifer was to think of equality with God. The spiritual challenge is that of over weaning pride.   It is of knowledge and power in motion and believing to be omnipotent.   However it is needful to remember that although there is great knowledge and skill there cannot be someone greater than the Creator, who is beyond conception, so there is still a relationship with God.

Humility is the challenge here – to realise one’s humanity with regard to the Divine.

So never think you have arrived!   There is always challenge to be met.   I wonder how the general applies to you?