The Charity Offers

Client centred counselling as a rule, but will use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or an Integrative Model of counselling, as required. Counselling, at the moment, is free. Counselling is only given by professionally trained and qualified counsellors. There are no amateurs or ‘do-gooders’ on the team.

  • We offer some complementary therapies, usually subsidised. These include:
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Hands on Healing
  • Absent Healing
  • Aromatherapy
  • We offer information of a psychic and spiritual nature quite freely, and the way this can influence our lives and environment.
  • We offer ways to express or use an individual’s faith, not as a threat to traditional forms of expression, but as alternatives that incorporate a person’s deepest and cherished beliefs. Tradition always needs to be on the look out for everyday means to express those wondrous and personal truths.
  • We offer ways of understanding our heritage, with all its vision, hopes and limitations, within a modern but Celtic background.
  • We offer ideas of green energy, subtle energies and insights into the Gaia hypothesis.

People’s Needs

There is a deep desire within the human condition to grow, be it in understanding, health, abilities, wealth, environmental comfort or spirituality, and so on. Also it has been said “The human capacity to develop and change is infinite”, so what is it that a person needs [not wants] at that particular time? Is it a hope for the future or a trust in their vision? Is it to understand the inexplicable or to express feelings safely, be they of anger, pain or joy? Do they need to find motivation, self esteem or courage to cope with loneliness? Perhaps they are frightened by dreams or deep inner thoughts? Nothing is thought of as being too silly, too nasty or of no consequence.

This website may help provoke thought and growth and enable people to find an inner satisfaction and means of growth.


Haye Mill is situated in a lovely Cornish valley some 35 minutes amble from the nearest town. It is a tranquil, harmonious, peaceful setting, created with murmuring streams, reflective water-lilied lakes, a mill pond, water wheel, gardens and maze, where people, hurt in mind, body or spirit, can come and be made whole again. These safe surroundings, away from the hurly burly of the modern stress filled lives most of us have to live, are just some of the things offered to people who may need counselling and the visualisation therapy special to the Charity.

It has long been recognised that the physical environment has a profound effect upon patients in hospital, especially on people with psychological disorders, so the environment is equally crucial to those who are spiritually uneasy.

Within the valley can be appreciated the most complex inter-relationships that the various kingdoms of plants, animals, birds, minerals, insects and the unseen worlds have with each other and with Mankind – the total environment. The intricacy of these relationships is not fully understood. There is some scientific experimentation, hypothesises, cultural lore, downright superstition and a lot of mystical nonsense. Even so the valley has been worked so the peace that is present is felt as a dynamic equilibrium or balance, a stability appreciated at the deeper levels of awareness – a harmonious whole. It is a result of endeavoring to embrace within a cosmological understanding as much of the respected fund of knowledge and suspected mystical relationship as is possible. Individuals have their place not separate from Gaia but essentially within, as part of Gaia – the Whole.

Our Aims

The Mill site aims to operate as:

  • A provider of complementary therapy and client focused counselling, especially for a rural community.
  • An expression of an evolving spirituality in a 21st century country and Celtic area.
  • An educational facility – particularly with regards to Complementary Therapies, Subtle Energies and the Environment. This is achievable especially through the Internet.
  • An organic horticultural venture into vines, bee products, aquatic plants and specialist medicinal herbs.
  • An exemplar of recycling water and waste products on a wide scale of application.
  • An exemplar of alternative and renewable energy.

Despite being in a first World country, we are not connected to the electrical grid system or public water supply. We have no wish to be. We make use of the Civic Refuse Collection service approximately once a quarter, recycling all other waste products.

We ‘stand on our own two feet’ by being in effect energy self-sufficient, and in time to be financially sustainable even offering subsidised complementary care.

We aim to serve.

Ethos and Spirituality

We are NOT a ‘One Day Wonder’, relying on a transient ‘wow’ factor. We have slowly been establishing ourselves at the Mill for the last 30 years and we aim to be around for a very long time!

We respect the different parts of the total environment, not only that of the human realm but also of the mineral, plant, bird, animal and even the spiritual or unseen realms, and to acknowledge the most complex relationships that exist between them all. We further recognise that the complexity gives stability to the whole, so we therefore try not to exploit nor be exploited by any single group or part of it, especially human. We recognise we need all aspects of our world for Health and Life, and a balance between the dynamic and sometimes conflicting tensions of the whole.

We work towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency, yet acknowledge an inter-dependence with other members of the local community and greater world around us.

We do not proselytise or preach but encourage others to learn and take responsibility for themselves. We teach by example, especially in matters of health, Life’s direction, green energy, subtle energies, spirituality and care for the environment, leaving individuals to find their own expression within their own expanded religious framework or belief of how the world truly works.