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On this site we would like to give the opportunity for anyone to post an article for anyone to read that is allied to the work of the Charity.  The Trustees might not necessarily agree with the writer’s viewpoint, but if the article is listed in the submenu then we believe it is worth reading.  If you would like to submit an article then please attach it to an email to for us to look at.

There are some PowerPoint slide shows about counselling under the “Therapies/Counselling” menu, and also one about Mazes and Labyrinths under “Earth Energies and Subtle Energies/Mazes and Labyrinths” menu.

Published Articles:-

Empath Man                                                                        Did Christ really praise Selfishness?

The Clown Chakra                                                               Homosexuality in the Old Testament

Dowsing at the Mill                                                             I have no fear of what comes next

Due for a Change                                      Is Creativity a Licence for Debauchery or a Connection with God?

What is success for the spiritually minded?                      Just why hasn’t Christ come back as promised?

Ian’s thoughts on Prayer                                                    Astrology reveals the Messiah in the Bible

Taking over a Religion                                                        What other Gospels are there?

The Four Witnesses [Gospels]                                            What is the point of a religion

The Church versus the New Age Movement                    How do you score your relationship?

Who or What is a Christian?                                              Obituary to Common sense

Why are Moslems so touchy about their Faith?                Work out your own Salvation

A Commentary on the Book of Revelation – Slide presentation

Have you or your partner attended Boarding School?

Pornography viewed as a Counselling Issue in a Marriage

We are all Doomed!