February Newsletter – “Happy Birthday”

Hello Everyone

Short and simple this month.

An odd thought, but happy birthday everyone – or should I say Happy Imbolc, Imbolc being a time of rebirth. This year is likely to be no exception for yes, it has been a year of Covid, lockdown and social distancing.  For some it has been a year to bury, a year of disaster and heartache. I do not diminish that. In fact that is most people’s experience.  For the Charity, we have virtually closed down as Clients have played safe and stayed away or used Zoom or the phone.  However, if I am right, the signs are there that we will have cause to celebrate at the end of the month or shortly afterwards (see Astrology for this month).  The end is in sight and surely the worst is now over.  Thank God.

The water wheel is still looking very sad. 

At the time of year when power is most appreciated, we have had to rely on a diesel generator.  No lashings of hot water or background heat to be enjoyed this year and the power has often suddenly gone off as the battery bank has become exhausted. We have had to order a new hub as the existing one could not be welded or repaired again. We had Hobson’s Choice, so although there is much work still to be done perhaps we will have reason to celebrate if the wheel turns again in a month’s time.  Here’s hoping.

The usual updates are there. There is Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Keep smiling and Happy Imbolc