February Newsletter – Help

Hello Everyone

The trouble with any general predictionof any kind is that it is usually possible to bend an interpretation of the facts to fit almost any situation.  The more general it is then the easier it is to say, ‘told you so’.  The more specific the prediction the harder it is to bend the facts and the easier it is to see if the prediction came about.  So, what did I say about January?

Last November I predicted that although the December newsletter was labelled ‘OMG’, the sentiment was really about the following month of January.  Remember, of course, the astrological prediction for Healers and Therapists was primarily about individuals and their well-being, but where do you draw the line against any morphing to national or even international level prediction?  Whatever the case, how was January for you?

If I asked that question of Novak Djokovic or Boris Johnson I would probably be on the receiving end of a tirade.  Likewise, the majority of Ukrainians might have something to say on the matter. I do know that many people have had a h…l of a month just as predicted, with all the emotional content that that brought. An OMG situation is usually a time for making extremely difficult decisions and hopefuly to find the courage from somewhere to walk the road less travelled, for integrity to come to the fore rather than shame and denial. It is a time when others can see something of your spirituality, or your lack of it. It is a time when the priest or prophet should declaim or encourage and make good use of that pulpit.

And you wonder why I despair of the Church these days.

A half flippant note – remember that we learn more from experiencing suffering than from books or schooling.  So, I hear some voices cry, we must be very learned indeed!!

On a much lighter note, I did have to phone for help at one point during the month.  I was up on the Cherry Picker platform when the power died.  With no one around I thought I was going to have to stay up there for quite a while for there was no way down that I could see.  Luckily help arrived after a few minutes and the problem was solved.  Thankfully I returned to earth no worse for wear but a little wiser and with pride a bit dented.

The usual updates are there, Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a better month (for some) and a continuing good month (for others).

Happy Imbolc – a time for new beginnings and new growth