February Newsletter – Shovelling Sh-one-t

Hello Everyone

Here we go again.  The most dreaded job at the Mill.

Last month the outlet from the septic tank became blocked with earth and stones, care of an enthusiastic animal.  I didn’t realise the problem until an inspection grating further back up the system started emitting copious amounts of liquid.  By that time the pipe before the tank was well and truly blocked and right in the middle of the longest stretch possible with access pits overflowing. 

The drain rods couldn’t reach so it took over a week to dig another inspection/access point and break into the troublesome pipe before being able to rod it and clear the obstruction.  All that time, of course, sewage continued to escape and foul the path.  It made you appreciate the septic system, when it was working correctly, of course.  Ordure must be disposed of as soon as possible and in an environmentally friendly manner.

As a metaphor, it couldn’t be a better example of dealing with sh…y problems.  Unfortunately by the time the counsellor is involved the problem has been exacerbated by time and many more layers of problem.  The longer the original situation is overlooked or denied then the worse it becomes, and the more difficult it is to sort out.

Enough of that……….

I promised not to look at the astrological charts with international politics in mind.  I won’t this time but I must say that the last two and half years have been strange.  Looking ahead to this February we see the trend continuing.  I will not yield to temptation but you think things through for yourself this time.  Concentrate on the second and last week of the month!

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Let’s hope for an uneventful month – blessings.