February Newsletter – So what was it?

Hello Everyone

If you remember, last month’s newsletter raised the thorny question as to the validity of astrology and what that month’s forecast actually heralded.  If I may quote from last month I said, “Of course the thing about astrology is that it is all too easy to bend an interpretation of a chart in the light of political situations in the world.  It is the weakness of all arcane methods of divination or insight to ascribe the present dramas as an intended predestined fate – not so, and generally only ‘seen’ in the light of hindsight.  When you consider how wrong such interpretations have repeatedly been since the year dot then I hold out little hope of being correct this time!  Nevertheless something is going on that I cannot explain.”

So what was it all about?  The answer is that I still don’t really know!  However, I think there were at least three situations that it could have been, the first being the declaration of war by Mr Trump by his ordering the murder of the Iranian general on a visit to Iraq.  I think the world held its collective breath for a while, especially as the retaliation that ensued included the mistaken downing of a passenger airliner.  So it could be this.

The second possibility was the declaration by many scientists that the world had reached the watershed of climate run away.  The statement was that there was very little chance of restoring things to as they were and climate change was demonstrated by the awesome bush fires in Australia.  Could be!

The third possibility was the appearance of a new virus that could sweep the world with terrible consequences.  The coronavirus appeared during the month and will take its course as a world medical emergency.  Very likely.

Of course it might have been nothing what so ever to do with those, or anything else!!

Not much to do with Haye Mill nor counselling this month, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Happy Imbolc and have a good month