“Is there any difference between Fate and Destiny?”



Let me give the short answer this evening.

Fate is something which is unavoidable.  It is something which you have accepted and possibly negotiated over before you became incarnate.  Therefore you cannot argue against it during your lifetime and say it is unfair, for you have accepted it.  Fate is the circumstances of your birth, the time of your birth and the place of your birth.  It is also, of course, those high points of your life – those times when you have no choice, where things move or push you in a particular direction and when you look back after a time you say it was inevitable.  Fate is usually the manner and time of your passing on.  So the major points of your life, while incarnate, are fated.

That is different from destiny.  Destiny is the challenge which you have also spoken of and looked at before you became incarnate, but where there is room for manoeuvre.  It is not fixed – and so fated.  There is room to take up the challenge or to put it to one side if you feel you are not ready to face it or feel too daunted by the task.  But that is still the destiny that awaits you, until you take up the challenge and meet it.

It is within your power to meet your destiny or not, while fate is outside your power of choice.


A simple short answer this time.