January Newsletter – All Change

All Change

Hello Everyone

This Christmas time was a cultural shock for Suzanne and me, for we were invited to spend Christmas courtesy of Elizabeth, Suzanne’s daughter, and Neil, in Australia.  From the UK rain, rain, cold and rain to hot, hot and even more hot – up to 46 degrees no less.  Phew.  It just was so different to every Christmas I have experienced that it took some getting used to, especially the Barbeque on Christmas day.  There were some carols and songs being played about snow in that blistering heat so things just didn’t equate – and how strange. It was back to Heathrow on the 1st January in 4 degrees!

As the New Year is traditionally a time of New Year Resolutions made with the good intentions to affect a change, then what better time to expect change to the nation’s prospects.  Three plus years ago the nation voted for Brexit and now the expectation is for this present government to bring it about post haste.  However when you consider how quickly those New Year Resolutions tend to be broken, I wonder how secure that expectation is!

When I was looking at the Astrology charts for this month of January I was somewhat disconcerted to see three weeks that I couldn’t easily interpret.  In fact to begin with I didn’t have a clue.  All I could see was a background picture of awesome change.  How it would come about or how it would affect individuals I couldn’t say, but something pretty big was about to happen.  Personally I do not think this is ‘Brexit’.  It is too universal an astrological significance for that.  On the other hand we will all be affected in some way or other if Brexit is ultimately implemented.  However Brexit is too small to explain this awesome astrological situation and I am agog to see what it is all about and how things work out.

Of course the thing about astrology is that it is all too easy to bend an interpretation of a chart in the light of political situations in the world.  It is the weakness of all arcane methods of divination or insight to ascribe the present dramas as an intended predestined fate, but generally only ‘seen’ in the light of hindsight.  When you consider how wrong such interpretations have repeatedly been since the year dot then I hold out little hope of being correct this time!  Nevertheless something is going on that I cannot explain.

The usual updates are there for the month, Astrology for Healers and Therapists and Planting by the Moon.

Have a prosperous and peaceful New Year – I trust.