January Newsletter – Janus

Hello Everyone

I am sure you must know of the two headed Roman god ‘Janus’, as this is trotted out every year at this time.  It must have been extremely confusing for him, but he was able to see both where he was going and where he had been, both at the same time!  Typically he is remembered at the beginning of the year when we look at the year just gone and consider the future before us. 

I was wondering that perhaps he ought to be the patron saint of Counsellors, for with most models of counselling that is precisely what we do.  It is by looking at past events and evaluating both the negative and positive impact upon them, that Clients come to terms with what has happened.  They sort out their feelings, come to understand more of the truth of that situation, and either make decisions or find ways forward from that point on.  Although it can be quite fraught at times, that is our work. 

Of course it also could mean that Counsellors are two faced!!!

It’s a pity that you cannot counsel nations in the same way.  If so, I would like to be the proverbial fly on the wall over sessions such as ‘partygate’ or ‘beergate’, or the government / unions contretemps, or is that what Arbitration or Peace envoys is all about? Not very successful are they, but I suppose it only goes to show truth of the situation that the only thing people learn from history is that on one never learns lessons from history!

I trust you all had a peaceful Christmas and didn’t drink too much at New Year.  We had fewer cards this year, partly no doubt because of the Mail strike, however I was a bit concerned by one well-wisher who sent me this card.

The usual updates are there:  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a good month