July Newsletter – Are we all in Prison

Hello Everybody

Some things we do instinctively, others we have to learn. For example we do not have to learn how to cry, smile or go to sleep but we do have to learn how to speak, walk read and write.  Behaviour is a mix but certainly the main part of interaction is a learnt thing that we pick up from observing parents, peers, TV but mainly from experience.  If we put our hands in a flame we learn not to do that again. 

The more subtle interactions that make up our general behaviour are far harder to define and so to learn.  Witness the lockdown.  Most of us have had no experience of such a situation.  We have been told numerous times that it is unprecedented, so we have nothing to base our expected behaviour on.  Do we do what the government tell us to do?  Do we cheat and say one thing but practice something else like some well documented individuals have done?  What are our neighbours doing?  Do we trust the ‘experts’ or is it a matter of fear for our personal safety?

Not many of us have been in prison so we do not know what it means to have our liberty taken away.  Neither have we been members of a religious order that tends to keep the world at bay or been submariners living beneath the waves for months at a time.  Our prison bars are nebulous and temptation grows daily, especially as the weather is so hot and patience grows thin, we have run out of ideas and the children especially are bored.  I think the general feeling is enough is enough, especially for the young or financially pressured.

One thing we are sure of though, is that the virus has not gone away and it would be foolishness to behave as if it had.  People are still dying each day in this country.  We need to think very carefully about how to respond to the growing frustration and pressures of enforced isolation.  Perhaps those volunteer phone lines are not such a bad idea after all.  Counselling does have a place and can help, even if it is still online.

However – God give me patience – quick!

With the hot weather and then sudden switch to warm rain, we have experienced a plague of flies down here at the Mill.  There were seemingly hundreds of the little perishers – not fruit flies or blue bottles – common garden house flies.  In just one hour a new fly paper was covered in them.  We swatted, caught them on the sticky fly paper and electrocuted them in a fly trap, but still they seemed as numerous as ever.  It lasted 36 hours and the poor dog went crazy.  Any idea where they came from?

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Have a quiet month and Blessings