July Newsletter – Has John finally cracked

Hello Everybody

We are so very, very close – in more than one interpretation of that phrase.  The population of the UK are not going to put up with this lockdown for much longer.  What is the point of getting the jab if in the end it makes no difference to personal freedom?  Have we been told a pack of lies?  This is the stuff of conspiracy theories.  If the lockdown restrictions are not lifted significantly by 19th of this month then I would not like to be in any politician’s shoes!! 

Changing tack – there is something in humanity’s psyche that takes a perverse delight in bad news, trouble or disaster – especially when it affects other people.  Any journalist will tell you that a ‘good news’ story doesn’t have the same pulling power as a ‘bad new’ one, a disaster.  The ‘soaps’ have such a large following because of the vicarious voyeuristic thrill of the story line – and seemingly the more danger, pain or excitement the better.  Conspiracy theories take root when it seems that scandal, or cover up is mooted.  When you add speculation of the future to the mix, then it only takes a whiff of denial to move the topic from ‘false news’ to possible truth.  ‘They’ – whoever ‘they’ are – don’t want you to know the facts, which only makes us more curious as to what ‘the facts’ are.

Being on the fringe of the New Age movement as well as having feet in several orthodox (and unorthodox) camps – if you will excuse the expression – means that from time to time my opinion is sought on such theories.  It has been asked on many occasions if that is why the Mill goes some way towards self-sufficiency?   But what are the theories anyhow?

Without getting too excited I have tried to put some of the major ideas in the article ”We are all Doomed” on the website.  Do have a read if you dare!  However it might only confirm your opinion that Lockdown is getting to me and John has finally cracked.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a good month