July Newsletter – Which is Mightier

Hello Everyone

The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword.  I cannot dispute that, but I would like to bring it up to date.

History has repeatedly shown that ideas last far longer than any conquest or empire.  They have shaped our past in ways that make me marvel.  The Reformation could not have taken place without the invention of the printing press.  Christianity was spread by the zealous bravery of the few but has withstood the test of time by the written word.  The Celtic Church declined until we have virtually no knowledge of its time and practice for there was no workable script.  It only had the Ogham style of runes.  Time and time again we see the pen is mightier than the sword.

But I would take one step back and say that it is communication that is at play here.  The latest generation of the pen rests in digital form.  What would those young people do without Facebook?  People would have to start talking to each other if they didn’t have their mobile phones at hand.  And they call those things communication devices!

I am going off piste a bit so coming back to Haye Mill.  Counselling, of course, is about exploring the ‘truth’ of a situation and facilitating a Client to make progress.  However, the relationship between Counsellor and Client depends on real communication between them.  It can be the written word but is more likely to be the spontaneous epiphany or realisation of an underlying issue in the counselling session, face to face.  In that case I would argue that although the sword is mighty, the pen is mightier, but the underlying communication of ideas is mightier still.  Counsellors rule!! [Cheeky]

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Have a good month.