June Newsletter – Nothing to Report

Hello Everyone

I fell into the trap that most of us fall into from time to time, namely the trap of only remembering the bad things and easily forgetting the good things.  As I couldn’t recall anything special happening this past month then I guessed it was going to be a very short Newsletter!

When you think about it, virtually the whole content of a Newscast is about something that is wrong, bad or should be changed. That is what makes it newsworthy. Good news is seldom reported, or if it is it comes across as a filler at the end. I should have been glad that nothing untoward had gone wrong this past month.  Yippee.  The waterwheel had behaved itself – sort of – except for a persistent knock that took weeks to find and drove me potty in the meantime. [It is fine now].  Cementing a track has progressed nicely and has nearly come to a convenient stopping point.  The logs are all chopped and sales to Maker are going fine so the income is there.  So nothing bad came to mind.

So I realised that it has been a very productive month – and that is what I need report.  Not only those things I mentioned have gone well but what marvellous weather we have been having.  The display of nature has been wonderful. 

I must admit that getting rid of a pile of rotten logs was not something to be proud about as it added to global warming, but blossom and colour have been abundant. 

I even sat down for part of an afternoon and did nothing but sunbath!!!  What is the world coming to.

The usual updates are there:  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a good month