June Newsletter – What is Normal

Hello Everyone

After the last two years’ pandemic lockdowns there has been a striving to get ‘back to normal’.  But what is normal, and can we ever really achieve it?

Some things are easily seen to be quite different now.  We no longer shop the way we did.  It was changing before the pandemic, and the forced isolation just accelerated the change.  Shopping online is the new ‘normal’, so there is never a going back to the way it was.  Most financial transactions are plastic as handling cash was typically shunned, and cheques are most certainly a thing of the past.  Letters are a rarity so Whatsapp, Zoom or Google-meet are the most common forms of communication between friends and are Covid free if not virus free (computer virus that is).  Working from home is quite ‘normal’ these days.

Apart from the effects of Covid, the weather is certainly changing.  Spring is now said to be about three weeks earlier than it ever used to be as Global Warming accelerates.  The vegetable garden is finding it hard to adjust for it isn’t simply a matter of planting earlier as rainfall patterns have also changed.  Wildlife is under such intolerable stress as land use changes and squeezes nature into smaller and smaller parcels.

Politics are unrecognisable from what they were few years ago.  Integrity, honour and honesty have gone out the window, there being fewer and fewer Statesmen and Stateswomen in office rather than politicians seeking power and re-election.  And don’t get me started on international situations!!

One thing that is normal is the different understanding of individual’s ability to normalise life.  One person’s hell is another person’s normality, especially if change is gradual and incremental.  Counselling reveals the amazing ability of people to deny trouble and heartache and just carry on as normal!

Change is Life.  Life is change.  No change is stagnation and death.  So let’s get used to it!

Changing the subject.  Did you guess the strange building work of last month?  No it wasn’t a work of Art nor a runway for fledgling ducks.  It is a log drying tunnel.  One of our income streams is from the sale of bags of wood and they need to be dry.  Just blowing cold air through the tunnel seems to do the job.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a good month