March Newsletter – Success or Failure

Hello Everyone

Sometimes I have been asked what our success rate is amongst Counselling Clients and whether we have many ‘failures’.

In this case I suppose a lot depends upon how you define ‘success’ or ‘failure’, but if you mean that when a counselling series concludes the Client feels much happier and ready to go It alone, then I guess we have a very high success rate. 

Obviously I would like to think that is because our Counsellors are highly professional, gifted and wise!  But I guess that one other important factor is that most Clients that come our way are highly motivated and are prepared to work! 

Of course you get some people who come here who expect you to wave a magic wand and fix things for them, or for the Counsellor to tell them what is wrong and show them how to ‘get better’ without any pain in the process.  And there are those people who are ‘Professional Clients’ whose role in life is always to be needy and who cannot be healed/cured/helped by anyone.  In that situation the Client claims the Counsellor isn’t any good or Counselling doesn’t work.  Thankfully they are few and far between.

According to the Church calendar we are in the time of Lent, the Churches yearly 40-day period of introspection and spiritual training / discipline that leads up to Easter.  You don’t hear so much of Lent these days as society is gradually becoming more secular and less religious, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing for more people to take Lent on board.  We could all do with a bit of introspection or ‘Mindfulness’ from time to time.  It would probably mean less need for Counsellors and a more general acceptance of responsibility and self-determination.  Or is that a pig I can see in the sky?

Go on – try it.

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Let’s hope for a peaceful month – blessings.