March Newsletter – Who Shouts the Loudest

Hello Everybody

It is an unfortunate truism that he who shouts loudest tends to get what they want!  When you combine that with the thought ‘It is my right….’, then my heart begins to sink.

We often hear of the cost of the NHS and the need for austerity cut-backs and yet when I look back forty plus years ago it was almost a mark of self respect not to claim any benefit off the state except possibly that of the old age pension.  Some people still have that kind of work ethic for even today we are not informed about the unclaimed benefits that go untouched. [see]  Not all can be that of ignorance.

But how things have generally changed.  It is not that I think those in need shouldn’t be entitled to benefits, far from it, it is more the attitude that has grown over the years that some people now have that boils down to saying that other people should be carrying the load, and that it is their right to be carried!  And they are usually not slow to shout and demand that right.

That attitude truly goes against my concept of self respect and work ethic.

Counselling helps people to stand on their own two feet.  No, not necessarily financially speaking, but emotionally, enabling people to face their fears, acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses and helping them towards realising their goals – for themselves. That is why I am sorry to say that when clients are referred from the NHS it usually means that they expect to be carried, to have a magic wand wafted around and all their troubles will be sorted for them, that they do not have to do any work on themselves for others will do that for them.  Oh dear!.

And thinking about shouting for what they want – those of the Extinction Rebellion are put to shame by Mother Nature herself.  Bringing city centres to a standstill or destroying lawns at Cambridge are absolutely insignificant when compared to Mother Nature’s bringing most of the country to a standstill and destroying farm crops and grasslands through her storms over the past month or bushfires on the other side of the world.  Who is shouting the loudest there?! Yet can we hear Her? Yet I am sure She appreciated the digging up of the lawn!!

In the end Mother Nature has a way of sorting things out for herself, she is going to get what she wants whether we like it or not, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised that somewhere in all of that is the appearance of the corona virus.

Well that is something to think about – and I would hope that those thoughts turn more positive and progressive rather than destructive and negative that is usually reported in the media.

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Blessings and have a great month